Gift Giving on a Budget

Whatever the occasion, an opportunity for gift-giving often means that you over-spend and end up with a hole in your pocket. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t fall back on buying boring staples that your loved ones won’t find exciting or memorable. Whether you’re buying on a tight budget or you just fancy doing things a little differently, there are plenty of stylish gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Gift Giving on a Budget

DIY Ideas

Time to get creative! Even if art wasn’t your strongest subject at school, there are plenty of crafty ideas that don’t require you to be able to draw. Make a ‘date night’ package for your other half with once a month promises to do inexpensive activities like picnics, museum visits and candle-lit bubble baths. If you’re giving a bottle of wine, why not buy a pair of patterned tights or socks and cut them to size to make a colourful ‘wine skin’? Old jam jars are fabulous for filling with nuts, dried fruit and small chocolates for homemade trail mix. Another option is to fill them with ‘good memories’ on small pieces of coloured paper for a treasured best friend.

Ideas for Artists

For those who do enjoy artistic pursuits, why not put your talents to use? Once you’ve created something, fit it to an inexpensive frame. Chances are that your recipient will be much more grateful for a gift that has clearly had time spent on it than something shop bought anyway. Try using Scrabble pieces to make a personalized message, stick them to card and have it framed. If you don’t want to sacrifice your Scrabble set, substitute it for shells or pressed flowers. This is quite a trendy option and can be expensive if you buy it ready-made.

Table Top Gifts

Inexpensive gifts for desks and table tops always go down well, no matter the age of the intended recipient. Think Newton’s Cradles that are meant to enhance focus and creativity, or small, spinning globes that are educational as well as fun procrastination tools. You can also find little sculptures made out of magnetic balls and three dimensional jigsaw puzzles in unusual shapes. Try The Discovery Store for quirky finds, including vinyl coasts, stress relievers in various shapes and glow in the dark stars for bedroom walls.



  1. donna makayak says

    i grew up with not having much even when me and my siblings got older and our parents were better off our parents taught us christmas is not about presents but christs birth also its more giving than recieving.

  2. Chelsea Spurgeon says

    I never really think about table top gifts. Those sound really interesting. Would be a good distraction from work and homework :)

  3. tamra gibson says

    Those are some great ideas especially the socks and wine gift. I used to be so creative and loved doing things like that but, for some reason I fell off the track. I know if I would just start again I would be hooked. All my gifts to people are filled with love but I do believe the handmade gifts say I love you the best

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