Gamer’s Choice: Xbox One or PS4 Giveaway

Gamer's Choice Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a Xbox One or PS4 {winner’s choice}.

Organized by: Mom Powered Media. Giveaway ends March 25th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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  1. Shannon says

    Thank you very much for this chance to win. I cannot afford one and my husband would love to have it.

  2. Eloise Carlson says

    I would choose the XBox One because I have always wanted one and it looks neat! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  3. Heidi Daily says

    I would choose the Xbox One, because my husband has been wanting to get one since they came out, but I have to keep telling him no, because we don’t have the money for it.

  4. amber moody says

    My fiance has wanted a PS4 from the moment he heard about it’s release. I’ve been trying to earn him Game Stop cards online so he can get one, but it’s pricey and it’s taking me forever!

  5. Christanna Tucker says

    I don’t know enough about either one to know which one I’d want. But if I won, I’d definitely figure it out!

  6. sarah oswald says

    I would pick PS4 because I know that’s the system my kids said they wanted thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Sherry Compton says

    I’ve actually never played either so they both would be wonderful. I’ve heard good things about the PS4.

  8. Stevi Steorts says

    If I won I would choose the X-BOX One, because around here, we are definitely an xbox family…Daddy included.

  9. allyson tice says

    I would choose the PS4 becuase my son has been begging for one! I think that the PS4 has more features than the xbox in my sons opinion.

  10. Diana Scholz says

    I would choose the Xbox One because my son asked for that for Christmas but I was unable to buy it!

  11. says

    I’d pick the XBox One because I like how it consolidates all your entertainment (Netflix, Amazon streaming, etc.) into one console.

  12. Patty says

    I would choose the PS4 because that’s the console my son said he wanted thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Danielle Papsis says

    I’d pick the PS4 because my boyfriend’s been wanting one and belong to the PlayStation fans v. XBox.

  14. Shawna says

    I would probably choose the xbox. I’ve already had nintendos, and playstations…might as well switch it up!

    • Kris Garvey says

      That makes it sound like he already has one … he has a 5+ year old Xbox 360, not the Xbox One featured in the giveaway! Haha

  15. linda w. says

    I’m sure my son would want the Xbox but we have all playstation games so i would choose the Playstation 4

  16. Brynn says

    My husband has wanted the xbox one since it came out so I would chose that one and surprise him with it :)

  17. Deborah Caudill says

    I would choose the PS4 because I’ve heard the graphical capabilities are superior to XBox One and my son would love to play MGS V Ground Zeroes on PS4.


    Thank you for this awesome opportunity what a great giveaway. My son would be the happiest 13 year old ever.

  19. Aimee Buck says

    Xbox One. My boyfriend and I like Xbox better and my boyfriend had bad experience with Playstation 2. He had to buy 2 because the first one stopped working.

  20. says

    We have an old Xbox, and all I can hear from my son is how much he wants a PS4. I refuse to buy him one because the Xbox works just fine. He would absolutely crap himself if I won!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  21. Michelle S says

    I think I would choose the Xbox One. There is a game my son really wants to play and it’s only available on the Xbox One.

  22. says

    I would choose the XBox One because my husband has a PS3 but has been wanting an XBox. I’m pretty sure he would think I was the coolest wife ever if I won him one! (Not that he doesn’t already 😉

  23. Mishelle says

    Ok, this is going to sound stupid but I would pick the x-Box 1 because not only does it do skype but my ex has it and the kids can bring their games back and forth. If they didn’t have games they’d like to play I would definitely go with the playstation.


  24. Erika Birrell says

    I would choose the PS4 because I have always owned every version of PS and it reminds me of my late brother.

  25. Krystal Waters says

    XBox One it has a social media centralized dashboard, better game developers, includes a connect wireless internet connection capabilities, better graphics and a better memory system.

  26. Kortney Picker says

    I would choose the Xbox One because I know my husband really wants this!! He would be so excited if I won this giveaway!

  27. Gail Rosenstrom says

    I would choose Xbox One because we have xbxo 360 and I know there are some games you can transfer from 360 to One

  28. Nicole B says

    I think I would prefer an Xbox One because we are much more familiar with the Xbox system, but I would definitely ask my husband. He would be playing it more than I would, although I love my game time!

  29. Mandala says

    I would get the PS4 – my brother would really be happy because he’s been wanting to have this for Christmas

  30. says

    Xbox 1 – It is what was recommended to us by a gamer for our diverse family. We priced them in December and decided we should wait and hopefully the price would go down. Would love to win one!

  31. Michelle C says

    I would chooses the PS4, since it is on my son’s wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  32. Dawn K. says

    Clicked the button before my answer. On 3/20 I entered networking witches 2 Andy Pandy Diaper packs & $50 Amazon Gift Card.

  33. Adrienne L Rudolph says

    I would choose the ps4 because my husband wants one and we don’t have the money to buy one right now

  34. Rachael says

    The Xbox since I prefer it over the PS. Besides, the boys in the house usually buy games for the PS over the XBox so they won’t interrupt me!

  35. Carissa Joslyn says

    I am a Microsoft fan, I have had my 360 since 2007 & its just now bit the dust (RRoD)
    I also had the original Xbox before that!
    So I’ll go with the One! :)

  36. Jessica Lodge says

    I would choose the PS4 for my husband, because he has done such a good job refraining from buying one even though he really wants one. Plus he’s a great husband and father.

  37. Christina Strapp says

    I would choose the PS4 because my husband has been wanting one, but we just can’t afford it.

  38. Jen S. says

    I’d like to win the PlayStation4. My brother has a bunch of games that I know he’d love to share with his big sister 😉

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