Choose Your Gadget Giveaway

Choose Your Gadget Giveaway

Welcome To The Choose Your Gadget Giveaway

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Do You Think Electronic Device Insurance Is Really Necessary?

Some analysts suggest that insurance such as for your smartphone is expensive and unnecessary. While consumer research strongly indicates that the popularity of such phones, and the ease of breaking them, makes insurance on the devices extremely important to consumers. In fact it indicates that 80 million cell phones of all varieties will be lost, stolen or damaged this year. Now that is a lot of money lost on your favorite electronic device.

Asurion Saves You from Mobile Mishaps. In fact a complete Asurion protection package, available through most wireless carriers, provides consumers with (1) Software that protects mobile data against the growing number of cell phone/smartphone threats and helps them locate a lost or stolen phone and (2) A replacement device, usually overnight, in the event a phone is lost, damaged (even water damaged) or stolen. Even better this piece of mind insurance costs a few dollars a month.

What device will you protect?

One lucky reader will receive the Smartphone or Tablet of their choice {up to $800 value}!

Giveaway ends November 21st at 11:59pm, open to US, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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  1. tammy shelton says

    I would choose an Apple iPad. Our family has one, but the boys are always wanting to use it at the same time, so having a 2nd one would be awesome.

  2. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    I would have a hard time deciding between a Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S III

  3. Peter Schott says

    I’d like to have the Lumia 1020 (If the limit were a bit higher, I’d choose a Surface Pro 2, but that’s just out of reach.)

  4. Terra Heck says

    I’d like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) WiFi 16 GB – Titanium silver. Thanks.

    • Teri says

      Go with the Galaxy. Android will continue to update and surprise you with their technological advancement. While Apple is cool but behind the times.

  5. Cindy B says

    I would have to research which tablet would work best for our family. It hasn’t been in our budget to purchase one so I haven’t looked into it. If I had to pick one right now I’d pick and iPad with extra GB. Thanks.

  6. Michelle S says

    I would choose the tablet over the phone. My kids really want a new “computer” for Christmas and we were thinking of a tablet for them instead. So if I won this, I would give it to them for Christmas.

  7. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says

  8. says

    I think if I invested in something expensive like an Ipad, I would get the insurance. We have insurance on our smart phones and as I am clumsy I am glad we do!!!

    I would LOVE an ipad!!

  9. Kris Garvey says

    I would probably choose a smart phone as my MyTouch no longer charges thanks to my son, I can’t afford a new phone and am using my mom’s old Galaxy (the original one, not the 3 or 4) and it’s usable but not very reliable.

  10. Pauline Milner says

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would choose and iPad. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  11. Michelle Lauffer says

    Im an ADROID fan all the way so I would choose one of the new ANDROID tablets…. Maybe the new galazy

  12. Roxy as says

    Microsoft Surface Pro – Core i5 1.7 GHz – 128 GB SSD – 10.6″ 1920 x 1080 – 4 GB RAM – Dark titanium……

  13. Sarah Vegetabile says

    I would like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is a great phone and it doubles as a tablet!! TY! And I hope I win!!

  14. Kortney says

    Either an Ipad or a Tablet, I am not 100% sure yet, but this would help me out very much as I am a struggling student. I would love to be notified of me winning this. It would be a great Christmas present!

  15. Linda S Moore says

    I would choose either an iPad since I have been wanting one forever and being unemployed can’t afford it. Want one with the retina display if possible. Thanks for awesome giveaway and good luck to everyone. :)

  16. Erin says

    I would love a tablet for artwork, but I would probably just pick some sort of tablet for my sister! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Anna Hammes says

    I would love an Ipad. Well I would be sharing it between me and my son. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  18. michelle riebeek says

    My husband and I have insurance on our cell phones. I don’t know what I would choose. I would let my husband and give it to him for christmas

  19. Nancy scaggs says

    I would buy a Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro or the 8″galaxy note. I like the idea of being able to use windows

  20. Jorge Sanchez says

    I wouldn’t have a clue which one to pick. I am new to the smartphone world. We are thinking of upgrading our business using better phones so anything that is smart is my pick

  21. says

    We have no smart phones OR tablets in our family, so I would love to choose an iPad! It would be so helpful at times and so much fun to have. :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. meredith says

    I would love either a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) or an ipad… im leaning more towards the Samsung galaxy note though! that would so cool to win!!

  23. Janice D. says

    I would love to get a Surface 2 tablet. I do not want a iPad because Apple fans are a bunch of elitists and I don’t want to be like them.

  24. Susan Buckley says

    I would choose the laptop. No, I think I would choose the tablet. No, I guess I would pick the smartphone. No, I don’t know!!! It is difficult to decide from these choices when you would like to win 1 of each. I’m not greedy just needy!!!

  25. Stephanie Padilla says

    I’d choose the Samsung SIII or the iPhone 4S, but doesn’t matter which one you give, I just want a smartphone So bad *-*

  26. hallie p says

    I think i would go for the microsoft surface pro, very interested in seeingwhat its like. I am not into familiar with Apple and I do not really want to be.

  27. Eileen Richter says

    We would probably choose the newest black iPad with 64 GB and retina display. 1080p HD , wifi, gratitious apps. Oh, I’d be on a cloud. Literally. 😉

  28. Debra S says

    I would get a tablet. For the simple reason is I CAN loan it to the kids when they are here to play SO many really fun games! Plus it is the right size for me to carry around, connect with wifi when I am out and about. LOL a screen big enough to SEE…. I’m over 40, ya know!

  29. Debra S says

    I think I would get the Samsung tablet. I would love to have such a portable tablet to connect online when I am out. AND I can let the kids use it when they are over here. SO many really really fun games for them. THEY love it.

  30. Mickie Hinds says

    I would choose the smart phone! I want to try the new galaxy but haven’t been brave enough to let my Iphone go yet!

  31. julie says

    I would choose a tablet/laptop, I am a single mom of a beautiful little girl who is just starting school and could use it as well as my self, I am going threw some health issues and fighting to get disability at the age of 34. I would get one my self but I can not afford it. I’m struggling day to day. It would be awesome to tell my baby we won or just some good news would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity and listening.

  32. Vickie says

    I don’t know much about the Ipad, but my Aunt Loves here and wants me to get one…I don’t even have a laptop so not sure. But, would love one with 64GB 1080 for sure, IF I won I would give auntie a call. :)
    floridagld at yahoo dot com

  33. Veronica H says

    I would love to have a Galaxy S4 or Note 3! If those weren’t covered an iPad mini would probably be super cool to have.

  34. Jessica H. says

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the iPad Air 128gb. If it was available. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  35. Maryann Ernst says

    I would choose a Smartphone because I have a stupidphone and my kids hound me to move to the 21st century Terrible isn’t , shame on me!!!!!!

  36. bianca roman says

    sometimes i feel like cell phone insurance is a waste, because a lot of them still want upward to $200 to get a new phone or even repair the broken one :/

    i’d choose the new gold iphone 5s!

  37. jeanne says

    I would like either one.. My husband and I have been looking for both of these. Our current phone is just a phone and so old that we can not hear well on it. With only on computer for the two of us– it is difficult because we both like to be on it. A I pad would help.

  38. Mahdi says

    I want an iPhone 5S. I currently only own a tracfone, and I only use it in dire situations. I’d love to have a real phone.

  39. Tracey McCullough says

    I think I’d choose a tablet but I don’t really know enough right now about any of these to make a definitive decision. If I won I’d do the research. lol :)

  40. Sarah Hoffman says

    I would love to have the Moto X.. and I would love to customize that one to my fave colors and get the customized headphones

  41. essijay says

    iPad mini or galaxy note 3 – depending on whether or not my phone is broken by the time the contest is over LOL

  42. Amie Olson says

    I would choose either an iPad or another tablet type device. I would have to check which new ones are out. Thanks!
    So exciting!
    Amie Olson

  43. Mae says

    I would like to have an ipad. A good friend of mine has one and she just loves it. I do not have a computer of my own and presently use my daughter’s.

  44. Joanne C. says

    I would pick an ipad. I don’t have a smartphone and don’t want the added expense of a data plan but I would love to be able to have a tablet to take on trips so that I didn’t have to lug around my laptop.

  45. amelia s says

    I would get a smartphone, since my iphone screen is busted, it’s shorted out inside, and I can’t switch from app to app without turning the phone off and back on. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Kellie Conklin says

    I would choose the iPhone 5S 64GB in gold and I would share it with my brother since his phone is really broken. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  47. cheryl hodgkins says

    I’m leaning towards the Microsoft Surface Pro – Core i5 1.7 GHz – 128 GB SSD – 10.6″ 1920 x 1080 – 4 GB RAM – Dark titanium but being a woman, I may change my mind if thats ok

  48. Prince Nonato says

    If I were to win this contest, I would buy an Iphone 5s 16GB or 32GB. It’s been my dream to own an apple phone ever since. I hope and pray that I win. Thanks!

  49. Meghan says

    I would pick the ipad or the windows 8. And I always, always get insurance because you never know what can happen and $50 for a new iphone after I left mine out in the rain is a deal!!!

  50. Paula Weintraut says

    I need a phone so the iphone ar Apple smartphone not sure. Have to do some research to see which is best for me

  51. larissa b says

    Definitely a tablet, leaning towards and iPad – but would have to do a little more research on them if I won.

  52. Tracy Clugh says

    If I won this, I would ask for the new Kindle XD with the max in memory. I currently have a Kindle black and white, the oldest one. So, I am in need of an upgrade. However, raising my 6 year old grandson, due to his parents death in 2012, financially I am unable to purchase one. So, fingers crossed, here’s hoping I win this. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  53. Denise says

    It looks like the kobo is offered as a tablet….I’m such a book worm and love being able to browse the net to get my books free…would be so handy to have it all at my finger tips instead of using more than 1 devise.

  54. Susan Marie Krysztoforski says

    Everything I have is Windows 8 so I am tempted to say a Surface Pro, but a Galaxy may be a good chance to give Android a go!

  55. Kris Garvey says

    A Medic’s World FB pages for the giveaway are not loading! I accidentally clicked “enter” before finding this out!

  56. Rebecca R. says

    I have an original Kindle Fire that I hate. I’d love to have the new Kindle Fire HD, or get my son a Nabi. (Would that count?) I’d also like to replace the Xperia TL that went swimming in my toilet.

  57. Therese Prendergast -Rooney says

    Acer 11.6″ Ci33229 4G 120SSD Win8 Tablets looks like a mighty fine choice. Thanks for the chance.

  58. Alejandra Carrillo says

    I would choose any android that isnt a samsung ZTE. Mine is messed up and I haven’t even had it for a full year so any galaxy phone would be nice.

  59. Brisja says

    I would choose an iPad to give to family friends of ours who would use it for their daughter’s educational apps.

  60. Kathleen Martin says

    I’d choose a Microsoft Surface tablet/computer, I like the fact that it’s either a tablet or a computer. I read alot and would use it for reading as well as using it for my work in getting my mothers trust settled. She passed 7 years ago and there are still many things outstanding that need to be taken care of and I need a computer for that. I’m disabled and I read alot so it would be great for that also. I can’t afford to buy one so the next best thing is to win one! Thanks for the opportunity and Good Luck to all!

  61. Kelly Horsman says

    I would love to win a Samsung 10″ Tablet.. I have to go to Hospital for a surgery on my spin & I’m going to be there for awhile & then I’ll be laid up for quite sometime after that so I’d be so HAPPY, THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, & REVEALED….Specially cause not only would I be able to use it well in Hospital, but @ home all I have is a desk top & I have a very hard time using it now due to the fact I’m in so much pain sitting at pc to long… So if I have a Tablet or anything like it.. That would make my life so much easier…thanks for taken the time to read this & Good Luck too u all who entered…

  62. Sarah says

    I would love an iPhone! My phone is straight out of the dark ages and clinging on by a thread, so it would be great to get a new phone!

  63. says

    There’s really no competition for me – It would have to be the Surface 2 (Pro version!). I know it’s more than $800, but hopefully I can just send you $ for the difference. I hope I win as I’ve been obsessing over the Surface 2 for months now!

  64. Linda F says

    I’d love to have the Ipad or Ipad air! 😀 or even an iphone. I’ve never owned any of the apple products bc i could never afford it!

  65. Allison says

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S4. My phone is well over 2 years old (I usually get a replacement since they’re discounted when you renew you contract), but T-Mobile just did away with subsidies so I’m stuck with my glitchy phone :( There’s no way I’m spending $600 for a cell phone.

  66. Becky Hammons says

    I would pick a Ipad!! My daughter has claimed my ipod(and cracked the screen) So i would love to have me one of my own and bigger!!

  67. Cynthia Cover says

    I would let my hubby pick, since he is better with electronics, but I would want either a surface pro or IPAD, something awesome!!!

  68. Lantana H. says

    I would choose a Microsoft – Surface Pro. I love that these tablets come with a keyboard and Windows made a great design!

  69. Jennifer Riordan says

    I would definitely choose an ipad. I am a special ed teacher, and as a reward, I will let students play an educational game on my iphone. It would be so nice to have an ipad so that they have a bigger screen AND I wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of my phone.


    I want a powerful, but family friendly, tablet! I would have to research a bit more to decide which one, though!

  71. Georgia Beckman says

    I’m going with the iPad. My daughter & son in law are going to try to get one for all 4 of their children (or some kind of learning pad) for Christmas so I would give it to them to help them out.

  72. Diana Smith Hill says

    I need a cell phone desperately. I also want the Ipad… but the phone is more important for emergencies. I like the samsung galaxy note and the iPhone.

  73. Anya McPherson says

    I cannot think of ONE device I have to have/update. I would say, if I had to choose, I would choose my Kindle fire. I see now that there is another one coming out that has live technical assistance. I would definitely need that, because I don’t know it all, but I need to! lol

  74. Amanda Geel says

    I would choose an IPAD because it would help so much in my photography business, so much easier to carry around instead of a laptop.

  75. Wendy Lindsey says

    I’d probably choose the iPad mini. Really like it’s size and everyone I know who has purchased one recommends it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Krista Grandstaff says

    It’s a toss up between the Samsung tablet …and a new smart phone..! The family has some neat “toys”…but Mom always seems to be the last one to get anything cool.. ! :)