Five Fun Outdoor Projects For The Family

No matter what the season, there’s nothing better than spending some quality time outdoors with your family. One of the best ways to enjoy time in your backyard is beginning a project. Not only will the whole family love getting involved, but you can also save a lot of money by working on things yourself. Here’s just five fun ways to add something nice to your backyard.

Outdoor Rooms

1. Refurbish your deck

Every backyard needs an attractive, even slab of concrete. If you plan to do any outdoor events like barbequing, it is downright essential, as a hot grill can become dangerous on uneven terrain. If you have an old concrete slab you’d like to refurbish, there’s plenty of options for improving it. A cheap but effective method is to place pavers or bricks on top of the existing concrete slab. This can level the surface as well as making it more pleasing to the eye. It will be much cheaper too!

2. Make an outdoor room

Feel cramped and claustrophobic in your own home? Why not make one outdoors? Outdoor rooms can be a fantastic place to get away from anything, and they don’t have to be too expensive. A simple wood house, decorated with some trimmed hedges and flowers, will give you the privacy you need. You can put an old couch and curtains in the window to transform it into a cool hangout for your kids; you can also use it as a workshop for future projects.

3. Lighting

Decorating your backyard with lights can give it an otherworldly beauty, and the best way to do it is with solar powered lights. You can pick up some pretty cheap fixtures, but if you’re looking for solar power that lasts, consider investing a little more. These will last you a good ten years and cover your yard in bright light. In the long run, you’ll save on your energy bill, plus there’s the added benefit of home security.

4. Create an outdoor game area

Here’s an idea that the kids will absolutely love. Building a fun outdoor area, like a horseshoe pit, can be an inexpensive way to spice up your backyard. If you’re looking for something a little more high-brow, you can install a stone chess board. With a bit of free material found around the area or online, these kinds of installations can be very practical. It might take a bit more work, but a pond can make your backyard incredibly eye-catching. Check out for an easy and affordable way to line your pond.

5. Enhance your entry

Finally, try improving your entryway with a few simple installations. Painting, placing a stain glass window insert and decorating can serve to boost the look of the entry. Remember, it’s the first thing people see when they enter your backyard, so make an impression! Window inserts are relatively cheap and can be found at most hardware stores, and installation is quite simple.

These projects will improve your home while you enjoy the simple pleasure of being outdoors. Get out there and build something!



  1. nancyfancypink says

    Thanks for the ideas! I think that some solar lights would really make our backyard deck area nice for the summer.

  2. ANN*H says

    We have solar lights already which I like . So we soon will be doing more flowers and a new patio umbrella to start. Have to work on a game area for the family yet. thanks for the ideas

  3. LisaLisa says

    Great post! I’m hoping to refurbish our deck its well over due and I just purchased new solar lights just this pass weekend!

  4. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says

    These are some great ideas for making old areas look new and spiffy! The biggest plus is, you’re spending time with family while the younger ones are learning.

  5. lisa says

    I used to be enthusiastic about planting flowers, staining the deck yearly, all that stuff. That was when we first moved in. The yard is so shabby now. I really should get motivated to get back to it.

  6. Paula Ball says

    Some friends came by last week & helped me make a walking trail thru the woods. It’s property that’s grown over since Katrina< needed help so badly(I lost 86 trees in that storm). Just that cleaned out path has done so much, & I feel like I'm living in a park now.

  7. Ivey G says

    These are great ideas! My favorite is creating an outdoors game room, or space. My children would love it!

  8. Sherry Compton says

    Amazing! The backyard and entry are two of the things we are working on. While neither are major places we see, you just feel better about having people over when they look nice. It just updates and gives your home finishing touches…even when the other rooms aren’t done.

  9. says

    All this sounds great but I can’t motivate my husband to get any of this done. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want anything done I am going to have to hire people to do it. I would get out there and try to diy but I have been very ill lately and can’t see me doing anything for awhile. Oh well. I can dream.

  10. melisa says

    I absolutely love the photo you used for this post! I would SO love to do that to our patio. Your tips are right on for me, and applicable to our weekend, we’ll be putting some ours into the backyard.

  11. M.Clark says

    These are all great ideas. The idea of creating a chess board brings back memories. When I was young we lived at my grandfather’s house and his entry way was tiled with black and white tile like a chess board. Thank you for sharing this post.

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