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Finding Inspiration with Good Work(s) Make a Difference

Review Disclosure

Thank you to Good Work(s) Make a Difference for sending us a few amazingly inspirational bracelets to share with our audience.

“Established in 2011, Good Work(s) Make a Difference® has been determined to delivering the most fashion-forward, uplifting, and inspirational bracelets and accessories. We contribute 25% of net proceeds to charitable organizations in order to make a meaningful impact in our neighbor’s communities and lives.”

Metallic Life's Inspiration Bracelet

Above you will see a few photos of the Metallic Life’s Inspiration Bracelet, Believe in silver. This bracelet is also available in black, forest, gold and pink. However if you love this style and are looking for a different single word inspiration, they have several to select from including Faith, Dreams and Strength.

While the Metallic Life’s Inspiration Bracelet was a little small for my larger wrist, it was ideal for my middle daughter at the tightest setting. So do keep in mind that this piece measures 24″(L) x 1/4″(W) and has three holes for size selection when purchasing. The single statement of this piece is as powerful as it is lovely on the wrist. Perfect for the simple fashion lover or a younger girl. I could see all four of my daughter sporting these for years to come.

Now if you like the overall style of the Metallic Life’s Inspiration Bracelet but prefer something a little bolder, take a peek at the Dream Come Together Cuff.

Dream Come Together Cuff

This essentially starts with the same basic elements as the previous design yet offers a total of 6 single strands in one. Two of those cords sport a series of 13 inspiring terms to remind you everyday of who you want to be and the other four offers lines of bling to make this cuff standout for the world to see. After all each of us shine brightly and why not have others stop and take a bit of notice.

The closure on the Dream Come Together Cuff is magnetic clasp that you slide in together. It holds strong and has proven to be a selection that stays put throughout the day. If that is not enough to make you fall in love with this cuff, the fact that it comes in 16 different color selections for you to choice from. I can just see the mix and match accessories combinations now.

Of course, I saved my favorite and the very best for last. The “You Are Beautiful” Bracelet arrived at a time when I began a 30 day challenge to better myself by exercising 30 minutes a day everyday. I will tell you for someone who has had a desk job for five years now and spends nearly every moment not working and a few while doing so with her kiddos, it was hard for me to make the change. Those of you who never seem to get even a few moments of me time know exactly what I am talking about.

The I Am Beautiful Bracelet

I am happy to say I did it and no exaggerating, The You Are Beautiful Friendship Bracelet was a mood booster for me every step of the way and still is. I wore it every single day during that challenge except for Easter and would look at it, twirl it and share my inspiration from the words with the world. I’m sure many of you seen photos of me on Instagram and Facebook wearing it as I headed away from my exercise routine. This piece was a very important stepping stone for me and continues to be the jewelry item that I wear most of all.

All of the You Are Beautiful Bracelets are pretty enough to be paired with a casual dress for date night. They even have the perfect amount of to go with your favorite jeans and tee for a night out with the gals. It is can be worn tight or loose and thus far I have experience no rubbing even if I leave it on during cardio.

photo credit: Good Work(s) Make a Difference

photo credit: Good Work(s) Make a Difference

Do I support and suggest Good Work(s) Make a Difference? Absolutely! Not only to they offer a product that is good for the soul, they also strongly support charitable organizations. In fact so much so that they donate 25% of net proceeds to them. That is a lot of positive impact that they are offering communities in need.

Show of my support and fondness for Good Work(s) Make a Difference: I ordered a Vintage You Are Beautiful Bracelet in brown today, so I would have something with a little more neutral color to mix with my everyday wardrobe. Next I will be shopping for my girls before they go off to on their summer excursions. Since I won’t always be by their side to remind them of how amazing they are, I can hope this will be a helpful reminder along the way.

Purchase any of the bracelets seen above and so many more right from the Good Work(s) Make a Difference website.

Also connect with Good Work(s) Make a Difference on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to be  inspired!


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I love all the inspirational quotes and bible verses! It’s awesome that some of the proceeds are donated!! I wish more companies did so!

  2. Claire D says:

    Their bracelets come in such pretty colors! And it’s nice to have the inspirational messages around to remind you.

  3. I really enjoy finding these products that are uplifting. Our entire lives come down to what we experience. Lately I’ve been doing what I can to create playlists that are about being positive. No more moody Nine Inch Nails and The Cure from when I was in high school. Lol. :)

  4. Darlene says:

    So glad that the Good Work(s) Make a Difference bracelet helped you during your 30 day challenge. It is amazing how much power words have and how reading positive words on a bracelet can really encourage us to switch our mind set. Success is really a state of mind!

  5. Lisa Jones says:

    Love the inspirational quotes. Especially on the you are beautiful one. All of their stuff is something I would wear over and over again as it is simply lovely.

  6. Karin Shaim says:

    I really love the inspirational quotes! I really love having “something” to inspire me and push me to do things in life and believe in myself

  7. I was looking for a birthday gift for my niece and this is just perfect! Thanks, Teri!

  8. Stephanie M says:

    I love that they contribute 25% of their net proceeds to charitable organizations – such an awesome way to give back to the community

  9. Holly Thomas says:

    I know some people who would really like these, so now I have Christmas ideas.

  10. That would be nice for young teens. I think it would make a nice gift idea for my granddaughter.

  11. Shannon says:

    I think these are inspirational and gorgeous. I love the serenity prayer the most.

  12. M.Clark says:

    These are great bracelets, I love the idea behind this. I like the on with the John 14:6 verse and the one with the Philippians 4:13 verse. Thank you for sharing this review.

  13. kathy downey says:

    We all need inspirational messages around us to keep us focused.The bracelets come in such pretty colors!

  14. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I Love these Uplifting, Spiritual Bracelets..They are so meaningful! We need more uplifting and Spiritual products in our World. It is also awesome that Good Works also Donates 25% of their Proceeds to Charity.. God Bless~

  15. Ingermaria Berrman says:

    I have never heard of or seen this company or their jewelry before. I think the jewelry is affordable, inspirational, and cool. I also love that they donate 25% of the proceeds from the sale of jewelry to charities. I would, however, like to know what charities, instead of a vague “charities.” I also like the different colors available, the bling, and that they are adjustable. Thanks for sharing, and happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Candy Kelley says:

    The bracelets are a great affirmation idea. I love that more companies are doing this and sponsering charities etc with their profits. It makes it more worthwhile to buy from them

  17. Laurie Nykaza says:

    They contribute 25% of their net proceeds to charitable organizations which is What I look for in buying products. I love to the positive messages the bracelets have on them as well.

  18. I can tell a lot of thought went into designing these. The magnetic clasps are brilliant!

  19. What a great way to earn money for a cause! I love those cuffs, super cute :)

  20. Pam Gurganus says:

    These bracelets are so neat! Not only are they inspirational and motivating, they’re beautiful!

  21. Tamra Phelps says:

    These bracelets are really stylish. My niece would love them, and I like that they give 25% to charity!

  22. I like the positive message that these offer for youth today, there’s enough negative influence, these would be a good reminder to see on your own wrists. 25% of net proceeds is a significant amount, that’s impressive, as the writer above me wrote, I like to know what charities as well.

  23. This is a terrific organization, both with excellently designed products and with the great percentage of charitable donations

  24. Inspiration can come from many places. These bracelets are placed perfectly to act as reminders.

  25. DONNA CARINI says:

    This is a great gift for my granddaughter.

  26. Mostafa says:

    Lovely ideas!! gotta get started making one of them for my wife!

  27. Jessica Fortner says:

    I checked out their website and there’s lots of nice ones. I like their bible verse cuffs too. Nice!

  28. paige chandler says:


  29. Shannon says:

    I love these, they are pretty and inspirational. I think most women would love these. Good luck everyone.

  30. Very boho chic. I love them and especially like the Dream Come Together Cuff ones. It’s great that they also give back to their community. Thanks for the review.

  31. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    I love the message and they are gorgeous besides! We (women) really need a boost sometimes.

  32. Nicole Becker says:

    Great messages and I love the bracelets!!!

  33. Paula V says:

    THese are so cool and very unique especially the multi-strand ones. Love messages on them.

  34. I love layered bracelets and this is such a great way to remind yourself or others that they are important

  35. Sheila M. says:

    I think these are a great idea! How wonderful to have words of encouragements just at arms length.

  36. My granddaughters who are 15 and 13 would go absolutely nuts over these bracelets. They would probably give their bracelets to each other because don’t you know you can’t buy your own you have to get it from someone. Ohhhhh I said I didn’t know that. ~snicker-snicker~ do you think they were trying to tell me something?

  37. I love the sentiment of these bracelets. Also, I support any method which works for young girls to follow a sturdy and honorable life path. Certainly because they are worth it!

  38. Lori Thomas says:

    Love the quotes, colors and really like that it has a magnetic clasp. I`d wear these every day.

  39. I really love the positive statements these bracelets make. I’m happy to see that $25% of proceeds help persons and communities in need.

  40. Christine Beasley says:

    I am always glad to find good companies making/providing good products which also support/contribute to good causes/organizations. I intend to get one of these bracelets for my niece. It would be so perfect for her!

  41. Lauryn R says:

    I love that they donate 25% of their proceeds to charities. Also, the inspirational messages are great and I love the way they look as well. All and all a great product and message!

  42. These bracelets would be such great gifts for teen girls!

  43. Lily Kwan says:

    These bracelets look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  44. These are very pretty bracelets. I love companies that give money to charities.

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