Fabulous Gifts for Fellow Mums

Gift giving is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Christmas period but finding the perfect present for everyone on your list can be tough. Recent studies show that Mums spend up to 13 hours searching for the perfect gift for their partners who only spend 4 hours looking for gifts.  As a result, women are often disappointed with the gifts that they receive. If you want to surprise a fellow Mum with a thoughtful gift this year without spending a fortune, there are plenty of gift ideas that Mums of all ages will love.

Mum and Babe

Make it Personal

A personalised gift is always well received. Everyone loves to receive a gift that is bespoke to them at Christmas time and having a gift engraved can really show that you care. A great gift such as this doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be a small token such as a personalised photo frame like the ones at Shed Loads of Gifts.

Pamper Her

Mums rarely take time out to pamper themselves, they are far too busy taking care of their little ones. If you know a Mum that is in need of a little me time, why not surprise her with some time out? Give her a voucher for a local beauty salon and offer to babysit while she has a massage or her nails painted.

Be Inspired by her Bucket List

If you are looking for a gift for a mum with a sense of adventure, why not help her to tick a box on her bucket list? If your friend is always talking about the things she would like to do one day, get her a gift that will make her dreams a reality.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts show that you have put a lot of thought into your gift idea and the recipient will appreciate that you have spent time making it. Christmas wreaths are easy to make and they are ideal presents for your host. Forage for twigs, berries and moss and create a show stopping wreath that fellow mums with love. Edible wreaths also make great gifts and they always go down a treat with little ones. You can make edible wreaths out of sweets and chocolate or fruit and vegetables which is great as you can tailor each wreath to the recipient.

So, there you have it, four tips for choosing fabulous gifts for fellow mums.



  1. cassandra Smith says

    I love personalized, home made gifts. for Mother’s Day my sons(2 and 3 at the time) with the help of my husband, bought a 9 opening photo frame and on one side put pictures of the oldest, and on the other almost identical pictures of the younger and in the middle it said “MOM” going down the 3 frames and boys painted behind it=) love it!!

  2. lola says

    like the idea of getting her a voucher for having her nails and her hair done.
    Also, a voucher for a spa, or tickets for the theatre

  3. Tara says

    I think the pampering gifts are probably the best idea, how many moms do we know that put their kids and spouse ahead of themselves and put themselves last. Giving them a pampering gift guarantees that they will make a little time for themselves.

  4. Georgia Beckman says

    Thank you for the great ideas! I try to be very attentive all year long & listen as people are talking about what they saw & liked & would love to get. Then when I get home I put it in my excel spreadsheet with their name. By the time Christmas comes, I usually have lots of ideas, but there are still those that are hard to shop for. Like my mom, who may have seen it & then goes & buys it. It’s really hard to buy for her.

  5. Blessie Nelson says

    I am amazed and shocked with the time difference the opposite sex invests in thoughtful gifts! Time to raise some awareness!

  6. Darcy Koch says

    I think most mommys would be very touched if their children would hand them a homemade gift made from construction paper, glitter, glue, felt, and what have you. It would mean so much more than any hundred dollar store boughten gift. It would be a gift that would be kept a lifetime and one that was made from the heart.

  7. Stephen says

    That’s a balanced viewpoint on the gift/time giving in most relationships. My wife spends lots of time researching gifts!

  8. Danette DW says

    My boyfriend didn’t get me anything for the birth of our three munchkins, so I am not expecting anything this time. He just doesn’t think like that. I even have to tell me exactly what to get me on Mother’s Day. Or when in store, he says pick something out. Bah.

  9. lisa says

    Those are good ideas. I know I loved it when a neighbor would come over with a pot of spaghetti and gave me time to get a nap in.

  10. theresa decker says

    I love to get any gift that is soft and comforting. this looks like a great site to me thank you all have a nice new year

  11. Tanya Holland says

    These are great ideas. I make jewelry throughput the year for gifts and my friends and family love it.

  12. Lorayne Gothard says

    These are great, and inexpensive gifts!! I am going to send it to my husband so he can quit stressing about gifts for me!!

  13. says

    I think also that it is very important to choose just the right gifts for friends. It may help to notice what gifts your friend gives others. Chances are they are items she would also like to receive.

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