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New App For Kids: DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot

Race for the Gold in DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot from Disney Interactive!

Compete Against Friends in this Online Battle Arena for iOS and Android Devices

The Beagle Boys have stolen Scrooge’s loot! It is up to players to join the citizens of Duckburg and recover his gold in this free to play game launching today for iOS and Android devices from Disney Interactive. Players join the adventure with Uncle Scrooge and Launchpad to retrieve Scrooge McDuck’s fortune from the villainous Beagle Boys.

This new DuckTales adventure has players competing with friends and facing off against the competition to haul the most treasure back to their vaults in an online multiplayer battle mode. Players can also enter a single-player mode to complete important missions and quests across several different maps, including an airship, a western town, deep caverns and the Sun Temple.


  • Adventurer, Inventor, Chef, and Pilot Character Classes to choose from. Each class with different advantages in value strength, agility, or intellect.
  • Players can deck their duck with cool outfits, equip intimidating Tools such as the fierce Spitball Cannon or the Porcelain Monster, and stock up on wacky Gadgets like the Hot Jazz Peppers.
  • Players will need to master the different maps, from caverns to ancient temples, to gain an advantage over the competition!
  • Team up with friends on Facebook or make new allies in the game to become the ultimate fortune hunters.
  • Build up stats in every match, and rise to the top of the ranks!

Let the games begin, and start playing DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot for iOS devices at http://di.sn/dKB and Android http://di.sn/iLU.


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  1. I used to LOVE this show when I was a child. It would be cool to check the game out. :)

  2. Susan Smith says:

    This looks like a cute game. I remember watching DuckTales when I was young.

  3. Rebecca Chavez says:

    That’s too cool…times have really changed, I remember only have the Duck Tales cartoon to watch. I loved that cartoon.

  4. Tracy Heyer says:

    The kids are going to like this new app Duck Tales!!!

  5. Sherry Compton says:

    Ducktales…Woo-oo! I can still see him diving into his swimming pool of gold coins. :) My son loved that show, growing up. It’s nice that they have a new game with it for him to share with his kids. Sounds like this game has some variety and several skill levels to work for all ages.

  6. This looks like a great app for kids to help teach about team work and advantures

  7. eric rivera says:

    thats an awesome app!! perfect for my boys they would love it! i must try

  8. Danni Stengel says:

    thank you for doing these app reviews. i cant tell you how frustrating it is to get an app without knowing anything about the real age level or purpose of the thing. we have so many wasted apps.

  9. I remember DuckTales from when I was a kid! My kids will love this app :)

  10. Tanya White says:

    This was my favorite cartoon as a child, my children would love this app and me too lol :) Thanks for the review.

  11. krystal pena says:

    This used to be my fav as a kid and I will download this for my daughter and other kids in my family 😀

  12. Jason Brown, Sr. says:

    I remember playing ducktales when i was a kid and watching it on tv!!!

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