1. Cami says

    I hope my boys like the movie i think it looks so cute :) we love Cars so i can imagine we will love this

  2. Mary Withrow says

    Austin loves Cars, so without a doubt we will have planes in our collection! There web site is pretty fun as well

  3. Beanybopp says

    Our son loves the cars and cars 2 movies…..I think that he would love this also!!! I love Disney movies!!

  4. Becky Schollian says

    Thanks mom to Bed By 8!! I have seen several post from different blogs, but must have missed the Facebook & Twitter links. These are great. My G’son absolutely loves this Disney show. Your’re the best!!

  5. Paula V says

    I’ve been seeing a lot of promotions of cartoons and it’s got me in the mood to see one. I’m typically not a cartoon/animation fan but there is something so innocent about them to escape this dark and evil world with some jovial light-heartedness.

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