Choosing an Anniversary Gift for your Man

If you find yourself struggling to buy for your husband or partner for an upcoming anniversary, you’re not alone. Men can often be just as difficult to buy for as women. Your partner may be into sports, beer, gadgets or poker but at the end of the day, only you know your man as an individual so try using the following ideas for inspiration and see what sticks.

My husband's passion is quadcopters.

My husband’s passion is quadcopters.

Feed their passion

As long as your spouse has a hobby or keen interest, this can be a gateway to a great gift idea. If your partner has a favourite sports team or activity, celebrate their individual passion with some memorabilia. Hobby memorabilia can take the form of anything from personalised gifts such as a t-shirt or tableware set adorned with their favourite team or a plaque and display cabinet to house their trinkets and artefacts.

If your budget allows, you may wish to go one further and surprise him with his own room in the house in which to celebrate their unique passion whether this is bird watching, football or photography.

Give a ‘Gift experience’

When truly stumped for anniversary ideas, treat your other half to a gift experience. Gift experiences cover absolutely everything so don’t panic if your husband isn’t a fan of sports cars or paintballing. Whatever your man’s interests, a gift experience is likely to cater to it – from rock climbing and safari packages to a steam train ride or wine tasting, giving your man the gift of something new and inspirational may be just the ticket to the perfect gift.

Give a functional present

Men always appreciate functional gifts they can get great use or wear out of and one of the best examples besides a phone or a tool kit is a good quality piece of clothing. Most men loathe clothes shopping so buying them the new jacket or pair of jeans they desire provides them with a big favour as well as a thoughtful gesture. Something as simple as a crisp shirt is a good choice – just be sure to check out his wardrobe for his typical shirt styles before buying anything too garish or colourful.

Alternatively, if your man has cosier tastes, treat him to a male wardrobe staple- the perfect practical jumper. On weekends, holidays and even casual days spent lounging around the house, he won’t dream of spending it without his favourite comfortable sweater. Go with a designer buy or knit a jumper for him – again just be sure of his preferred color/texture etc before attempting one.

To treat him to something truly special and timeless, surprise the man in your life with a unique and treasured keepsake courtesy of Rebus Signet Rings. The beautiful ring designs – available in gold, silver and platinum – are as individual as their recipient due to the elegant and beautiful hand engraving process. A signet ring is a classic piece he will want to take anywhere and with any outfit.



  1. Alison says

    These are great ideas – I like the ‘gift experience’ one – I have even asked in the past what he wants and he usually just says – a nice dinner. He is into games, so usually I will either give him a gift card to somewhere and let him get it or buy him a game that he can exchange if he doesn’t like it – thanks for the ideas!

  2. Ashley Trail says

    When all else fails I like to go back to like old inside jokes and do something funny and personal that only the two of you can get, followed with making his favorite meal and doing something that he enjoys doing :)

  3. Sandra Crispo says

    After 46 years (this coming June, 2014) of marriage isn’t too much have not given, but as he likes the simple things, so if if so not go to movie or dinner will just spend quiet time together!!

  4. Summer L says

    Thank you for sharing all these great tips! This article is really helpful. I like the “Gift Experience” a lot. I wonder why I never thought of it myself. LOL

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