Happy Heart Day Jar

Sixlets Jar Craft

Happy Heart Day Sixlets Valentine’s Jar Materials: 1 package of pink Sixlets 1 package of white Sixlets Printable gift tags (click here for full size printable pdf doc) 4 or 8 oz mason jars Double sided tape Directions: #1. Wash and dry the jars. #2. Once the jars are completely dry, pour the pink and white Sixlets into the jar filling all the way to the top. #3. Close and seal with the lid. #4. Use the double sided tape {Read More}

DIY Glitter Slime with Valentine’s Day Printable

Glitter Slime Valentines Pin

DIY Glitter Slime perfect for Valentine’s Day Materials: 1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue (any color) 1 Cup of Water 1 tsp Borax 1 Tb Water Printable Gift Tags (full size for Avery labels click here) 8 oz Mason Jars Double Sided Tape (or Glue Stick) Directions: #1. Mix 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of Borax together in a bowl. #2. In a separate bowl, empty the entire glitter glue container. #3. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the glitter glue {Read More}

DIY Lemonhead Jar for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day LemonHead Jar

DIY Lemonhead Gift Jar perfect for Valentine’s Day Materials: 1 box of Lemon Head candies Printable gift tags (click here for full size pdf) 8 oz mason jars Double sided tape Twine or ribbon (optional) Single hole punch (optional, if using twine or ribbon) Directions: #1. Wash and dry the jars. #2. Once the jars are completely dry, pour the Lemon Heads into the jar, filling all the way to the top. **I used a theater box size of Lemon {Read More}

DIY: Sparkly Starfish Ornament

Sparkly Starfish Ornament

Do you love all things nautical? If so, you are sure to love this sparkly starfish ornament. In just a few steps and for just a few dollars, you can create a starfish ornament perfect for your holiday tree. Take a peek below at how you can get started crafting your own. This is a frugal holiday craft that will be loved by both children and adults alike! Sparkly Starfish Ornament Supplies needed: Crafting starfish (we found a bag for {Read More}

33 Homemade Holiday Gifts

33 Handmade Holiday Gifts

If you are trying to save money this holiday season, but you want to give your friends and family something special as a gift then this list of 33 Handmade Holiday Gifts is perfect for you. Not only does this list contain great unique upcycled items, but it contains some unique holiday ornaments, fun no sew projects and great additions to any home or office. With gifts for mom, dad and even grandma on this list, you will be able {Read More}

25 DIY Gifts For Women

25 DIY Gifts For Women

Every year we struggle to come up with a unique gift for that woman in our life that seems to have everything. This list of 25 DIY Gifts For Women is perfect for any woman on your list. Not only do you have fun pretty things like infinity scarf, wine bottle holders and coasters, but you also have things that appeal to moms with picture memories and more. Creating a fun and personalized gift for the women on your holiday {Read More}

Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Review & Giveaway


My middle daughter is a big fan of making everything from scratch. This includes not only cooking but also beauty products. I guess you could say I am proud that she takes after her mommy in this area as I am a firm believer in knowing what goes into the items we use and those we consume. With a changing world, it has become extremely important in our home to become self-sustainable whenever possible. So with this in mind, I {Read More}

Kidecals – Much more than a sticky label

Kidecals Button

Like most parents I am, unfortunately, over familiar with the phrases “I don’t know where it is”, “I think I left it somewhere” and “I thought I put it in my bag”.  Our kids special talent is for loosing water bottles, cups and lunch boxes & coats. Stickers with their names on just soak off in the wash and even permanent marker isn’t so permanent when its been through the dishwasher a few times so I had become resigned to {Read More}

Make your own “Silent Wind Chimes”


As fall begins and winter is just over the horizon our thoughts turned to winter color in the garden. The trouble is that we don’t have much room for planting and any kind of planter or ornamental statue is going to be knocked over by a herd of rampaging children. It was then that I had the idea for these ‘silent’ wind chimes. You can make them with any color you like, hang them anywhere and you don’t have to {Read More}

Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Balm Kit Giveaway *5 winners*

Kiss Naturals Giveaway

Sponsored by Kiss Naturals Hosted by : Mom Powered Media Kiss Naturals, produces fun, one-of-a-kind craft kits using only high quality natural ingredients. These kits make everyday products you can enjoy at an affordable price. At Kiss Naturals, we believe that Nature had it right the first time. They don’t add fillers, additives, dyes or synthetics to any of Theirr products. They want to provide their customers with all the natural ingredients needed to make everyday products at an affordable {Read More}

10 Awesome Back to School Crafts

10 back to school crafts

Back to School Crafts Can you believe school will be starting very soon? Now is the time to get some cute classroom decorations, crafts, back to school ideas and fun stuff planned. If you are a teacher, then you will find some decorative hall passes, fun ways to welcome back your students and some great ways to get your classroom ready for the new school year to begin. Many teachers and assistants spend the down time during the summer break {Read More}

Non-Toxic No-Cook Play Dough Recipes


What a wonderful thing Lumi dough play dough is! A fist-full of dough can keep  kids busy for hours. There are various kinds of play dough varieties available in the market. The only reason why you wouldn’t like buying any one of those is that they can be toxic (if your kid swallows them). Sticky and toxic play dough for kids is not quality dough. If you don’t have the time to make clay at home, you must get a {Read More}

Build the Best Gingerbread House. Ever!

Build the Best Gingerbread House. Ever!

The snow is coming down and I know I’m not the only one who has retreated into my house for months of baking and crafts. The cold tends to bring families together, and one of the best ways to pass the time during those blustery days is to make a gingerbread house. Although, this can prove to be a more involved task than you might think. That’s why I’ve decided to bring to you the ultimate gingerbread house guide. So, {Read More}

$500 Sears Gift Card Giveaway #ItsChristmas


It’s Christmas Giveaway Event Organized by: Mom Powered Media. Co-hosted by: Bay Area Mommy, My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life, Barbara’s Beat, Giveaway Bandit, Slick Housewives, Love Me Some Coupons and Coupons and Freebies Mom. MPM Network Bloggers are super excited to share their Christmas Recipes, Crafts, Decor Ideas and much more with you this holiday season. Make sure you take a peek at the fabulous posts below. Surely you will find something that makes your holiday even brighter! An InLinkz Link-up One lucky reader will {Read More}

Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Create With Your Children

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Creating DIY Christmas gifts is a lovely opportunity to spend some time being creative with your children, as well as giving your loved ones a gift that shows how much you care. Whatever age your child is and interests they have there should be a kind of craft or recipe that they will enjoy. Here are some of my favorites: Chutneys and Jams Tasty chutneys and jams are a lovely gift, especially when presented in a pretty Kilner jar or {Read More}