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25 Homemade Skin Care Products

We are all in love with great quality skin care products, but the prices can often keep us from buying to give as gifts. This year give the best in beauty care with these 25 Homemade Skin Care Products that are sure to make your skin and body look and smell luxuriant. Not only can you customize many of these to the receivers personality, you’ll find yourself wanting to make a double batch to keep for yourself. From body scrubs, to body butters, milk baths, facial masks and even a few homemade bars of soap this list gives you something for everyone. Sensitive skin is no problem with many of these simple yet effective recipes.

25 Homemade Skin Care Products 1


  1. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub
  2. Homemade Chocolate Body Scrub
  3. DIY Solid Perfume
  4. Mango Pina Colada Lip Balm
  5. Brown Sugar & Honey Body Scrub
  6. DIY Bath Salts
  7. Peppermint Milk Bath
  8. Peppermint Mocha Coffee Scrub
  9. Lavender Goats Milk Soap
  10. Manicure In A Jar
  11. Honey Cinnamon Facial Mask
  12. Homemade Lavender Soap
  13. DIY Beeswax Lotion
  14. Homemade Sugar Cookie Scrub
  15. DIY Avocado Hair Mask
  16. DIY Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub
  17. Lavender Bath Salts
  18. Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub
  19. target="_blank">Lavender Coconut Aloe Vera Shave Gel
  20. Lavender Bubbling Bath Salts
  21. DIY Whipped Body Butter
  22. Lemon Lime Sugar Body Scrub
  23. Homemade Paprika & Poppy Seed Soap
  24. Homemade Bath Fizz Snowballs
  25. DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars

Check your local craft or dollar store for unique small plastic or glass jars to put these fun products in to give as gifts. It is so easy to grab a few pieces of ribbon, a bow or even artificial flowers to add a beautiful personal touch to a gift jar. Some of these even have great labels you can print to make the gift look even more sophisticated! These great homemade skin care products are sure to please not only you, but anyone else on your holiday gift list this year.


27 Easy Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you are looking to give some great Mother’s Day gifts, but not spend a lot of money we have some great ideas for you here. These 27 Easy Homemade Gifts are perfect for everyone in the family. From great gifts in a jar, to classic homemade beauty products and even a few fun unique gifts, this list is a great place to start.

27 Easy Homemade Gifts


  1. DIY Coffee Body Scrub
  2. Painted Dollar Store Mugs
  3. Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub
  4. Burlap Wine Bottle Bags
  5. Faux Leather Photo Frame
  6. DIY Lip Balm Holder
  7. Star Wars Peg People
  8. DIY Felt Play Mat
  9. DIY Lemon Rosemary Scrub
  10. Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape
  11. Lavender Coconut Aloe Vera Shave Gel
  12. DIY Stenciled Coasters
  13. Easy Lavender Goats Milk
  14. Whipped Gingerbread Body Butter
  15. Lavender Calming Candles
  16. Choconut Cookie Mix In A Jar
  17. DIY Pencil Pouch
  18. DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub
  19. Framed Heart Maps
  20. DIY Swirl Vase
  21. Layered Popcorn Gift Jars
  22. Hot Cocoa Mix In A Jar
  23. Gift Card Snow Globe
  24. DIY Dried Fruit Potpouri
  25. DIY Stud Earrings
  26. DIY Upcycled Cup Sleeve
  27. DIY Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Gather up your supplies, and start crafting and creating these wonderful easy handmade gifts for your friends and family this year. These unique gifts are perfect for making in large batches and giving to your kids teachers, babysitters and helpers at school. They are even perfect for making as a special treat just for yourself.


CraftyCroc Chalk Markers & Chalk Board Labels Sweepstakes

CraftyCroc provides you with the quality products you need to let your fun and creativity loose, even in your every day tasks like organizing your home! With 64 CraftyCroc Removable Chalkboard Labels and 10 CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers, you can get your home spruced up and organized in no time! Perfect for Spring Cleaning!

Head on over to Everything Mommyhood and check out her CraftyCroc Review.

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Lionel’s 115th Anniversary Design Your Own Boxcar Contest

Lionel’s 115th Anniversary Design Your Own Boxcar Contest

How to Enter:  From April 1 through June 1, 2015, fans can visit www.Lionel.com to download the boxcar template. Once the boxcar is uniquely decorated, fans can submit their creation via three different methods – email, postal mail or on www.Lionel.com.

Selection of Finalists/Public VotingAfter all the entries are received, a panel of judges will select 16 finalists. From June 15 through June 30, 2015, the boxcar designs of the finalists will be posted on Lionel’s Facebook page and on www.Lionel.com, providing fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite design.

Winner Announcement/Prize Packages:  One winner and two honorable mentions will be publicly announced on July 17, 2015. The finalist whose boxcar design receives the most votes will be identified as the winner, while the finalist with the next highest vote total will be named first honorable mention and the finalist with the third highest vote total will be identified as second honorable mention.

BoxCar [Read more…]


Egg-celent Easter DIY Crafts Ideas

Easter means pastels of all colors: eggs in the loveliest shades of pinks and creams and baby blues scattered in living rooms, backyards, and school rooms. My favorite memories of Spring are of my family sitting around the kitchen table, crafting pretty little eggs. This year, spruce up your egg decorating up with these Easter DIY craft ideas. From cheeky little chickens to chalkboard placecards, I promise that these craft ideas will bring your decorating to the next level. And to sweeten the deal, I’ve included coupons for all the supplies needed! Happy crafting!

Egg-celent Easter DIY Crafts Ideas



Stun everyone with these beautiful, sophisticated table centers. Depending on where you live, have fun potting either succulents, baby grasses, or your favorite herbs in these egg shell cups, and place in the center of your Sunday Brunch table! Your kids will have a blast cracking eggs for this one. Check it out here for more detailed instructions, and get 15% off plants.

(Photo Credit: LeRobinsnest.com)



You want to know a secret? These exquisite eggs are surprisingly easy to put together. All you need to do is find pictures you like online, print them out on temporary tattoo silhouette paper, and stick them on your eggs with a damp towel. I love butterflies and birds, but you and your kids can get super creative—anything from kittens to dinosaurs to sailboats! Bonus points if you paint the eggs before your tattoos are applied. Get Free shipping on temporary tattoo paper.

(Photo credit Jodi Khan)



You can’t have a proper Easter without a visit from the chickens that laid all those eggs… or at the very least, a visit from felt chickens! Go wild with paint and felt, and turn your little eggs into the chickens that hatched them. Their little felt feet act as the perfect standing device. Hey, maybe you’ll even grow so attached that you’ll need to set a place at the table for your new friends. Get 20% off on supplies.

(Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.com)



Your guests will keep talking about these chalkboard eggs long after brunch is over. Make personalized placecards tha your family can continue scribbling on all day long. These are super simple to put together, and are sure to wow the whole family. Just grab some chalkboard paint, a few sticks of chalk, and get to scribbling! Check out fuller instructions here, and use this coupon for free shipping on chalkboard paint.

(Photo credit: ljcfyi.com)



Wheee! Scatter these adorable pigs on counter tops and dressers, to really add to the Easter delight. The best part? With the right supplies, and a fun attitude, you can make any kind of animal you want (just in case the dog starts to feel left out…). Get 20% off on all your crafting supplies. For further instructions on how to put these little piggies together, check out MarthaStewart.com.

(Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.com)


Hey Hottie Valentine Jar

Kids and adults alike love the Hey Hottie Valentine Jar craft. It is a fantastic way to give someone a little hot and spicy creativeness this February 14. Even better this is super simple to make and fun to eat.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day craft ideas? Take a peek at the Happy Heart Day Jar and Lemonhead Jar to get you started.

Hey Hottie Valentine Jar

We think this would even be a great foodie gift for teens and adults to give to that special someone this Valentine’s Day. I know I sure would be thrilled as Hot Tamales are one of my favorites!

Hey Hottie Valentine Jar


1 bag of Hot Tamale Candies (or Red Hots)

Printable gift tags

4oz mason jars (or use a larger size such as an 8oz)

Twine or ribbon

Single hole punch

Hey Hottie Printable


#1. Wash and dry the jars.

#2. Once the jars are completely dry, pour the candies into the jar, filling all the way to the top. *Do not overfull or it will smash the candy.*

#3. Close and seal with the lid.

#4. Print and cut out the gift tag, use the single hole punch and then string the twine or ribbon through and attach it to the gift jar.

Hey Hottie Craft

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Happy Heart Day Jar

Sixlets Happy Heart Day

Happy Heart Day Sixlets Valentine’s Jar

1 package of pink Sixlets
1 package of white Sixlets
Printable gift tags (click here for full size printable pdf doc)
4 or 8 oz mason jars
Double sided tape

Sixlets Jar Craft

#1. Wash and dry the jars.
#2. Once the jars are completely dry, pour the pink and white Sixlets into the jar filling all the way to the top.
#3. Close and seal with the lid.
#4. Use the double sided tape to attach the gift tag to the top of the jar lid.

Sixlets Printable 700


DIY Glitter Slime with Valentine’s Day Printable

Glitter Slime Valentines Pin

DIY Glitter Slime

perfect for Valentine’s Day

Glitter Slime Materials


I'm All Gooey For You Label1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue (any color)

1 Cup of Water

1 tsp Borax

1 Tb Water

Printable Gift Tags (full size for Avery labels click here)

8 oz Mason Jars

Double Sided Tape (or Glue Stick)

Slime Process 1


#1. Mix 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of Borax together in a bowl.

Slime Process 2

#2. In a separate bowl, empty the entire glitter glue container.

Slime Process 3

#3. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the glitter glue and mix together to create a more flexible glue.


#4. Pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture bowl.

#5. Use hands to combine the glue and borax mixture together


#6. Remove slime from water soon after the slime takes form and finish mixing in hands.


* If you leave the slime in the water too long, it will harden. If that happens, put on a happy face, roll it into a ball and let dry. You instantly have a sticky ball to throw around the room.

DIY Glitter Slime

Creating A Glitter Slime Jar:

#1. Wash and dry the jars.

#2. Once the jars are completely dry, place glitter slime into the jar.

#3. Close and seal with the lid.

#4. Print and cut out the gift tag.

#5. Use the double sided tape or a glue stick to attach the printable gift tag to the top of the jars lid.

* Wash all containers and hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

Gooey For You Pic


DIY Lemonhead Jar for Valentine’s Day

DIY Lemonhead Jar

DIY Lemonhead Gift Jar

perfect for Valentine’s Day


LemonHeadJar1 box of Lemon Head candies

Printable gift tags (click here for full size pdf)

8 oz mason jars

Double sided tape

Twine or ribbon (optional)

Single hole punch (optional, if using twine or ribbon)

Valentine's Day LemonHead Jar


#1. Wash and dry the jars.

#2. Once the jars are completely dry, pour the Lemon Heads into the jar, filling all the way to the top. **I used a theater box size of Lemon Heads and 1 box fit perfectly into ONE 8 oz jar.

#3. Close and seal with the lid.

#4. Print and cut out the gift tag. Use the double sided tape to attach the printable gift tag to the top of the jars lid.

**If using twine or ribbon, use the single hole punch to make a hole in the gift tag and then use the twine/ribbon to attach to the jar.

LemonHead Jar Printable

You are my sunshine gift jar


DIY: Sparkly Starfish Ornament

Do you love all things nautical? If so, you are sure to love this sparkly starfish ornament. In just a few steps and for just a few dollars, you can create a starfish ornament perfect for your holiday tree. Take a peek below at how you can get started crafting your own. This is a frugal holiday craft that will be loved by both children and adults alike!

Sparkly Starfish Ornament

Sparkly Starfish Ornament

Supplies needed:

Crafting starfish (we found a bag for $3 at our local craft store)

White craft glue

Assorted crafting glitter

Choice of ribbon for hanging


Glue Gun

Starfish Ornament Supplies


#1. Begin by prepping your starfish for the glitter. Apply a thin coat of glue to the top of the starfish. You can do this with your finger or a sponge, just by dabbing it on. Make sure your glue is smooth and even.


#2. Next, add a sprinkling of glitter. You can use your choice of color. We used basic silver and just sprinkled it right on. You may wish to set the starfish on paper first to catch any extra sparkles.

#3. Shake the starfish to get rid of extra glitter. Apply another sprinkling if you wish. Set aside and allow the starfish to dry.

Glitter Image

#4. Finish the ornament by attaching the ribbon for hanging. We used a thin ribbon that we cut to size, folded over, and secured to the back of the starfish with hot glue. Hot glue is the perfect way to keep the ribbon intact.

Your sparkly starfish ornament is now ready to be displayed. Simply hang it and enjoy!


33 Homemade Holiday Gifts

If you are trying to save money this holiday season, but you want to give your friends and family something special as a gift then this list of 33 Handmade Holiday Gifts is perfect for you. Not only does this list contain great unique upcycled items, but it contains some unique holiday ornaments, fun no sew projects and great additions to any home or office. With gifts for mom, dad and even grandma on this list, you will be able to mark several items off your shopping list with ease. This year create great fun gifts for everyone on your list with this great handmade holiday gift list.

33 Handmade Holiday Gifts


  1. DIY Succulent Terrarium
  2. DIY Tile Coaster Sets
  3. DIY Swirl Vase
  4. DIY Serving Tray
  5. DIY Lacy Glitter Picture Frame
  6. We Whisk You A Merry Christmas
  7. Family Recipe Card Framed Gift
  8. Vintage Button Monogrammed Frame
  9. DIY Rope Wrapped Wooden Bowl
  10. DIY Marbled Mug
  11. DIY No Sew Placemats
  12. DIY Monogrammed Makeup Bags
  13. DIY Cup Sleeve
  14. DIY Post It Not Holder
  15. Hand Print Towels
  16. DIY Mosaic Tile Letter
  17. Decorative Notepad Holder
  18. DIY Photo Block
  19. DIY Snow Angel Ornaments
  20. Upcycled Brooch Phone Case
  21. DIY Personalized Note Pads
  22. No Sew Fleece Flower Pin
  23. DIY Key Holder
  24. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jars
  25. DIY Wine Gift Bag
  26. Rustic Christmas Ornaments
  27. DIY Family Recipe Card Shadowbox
  28. Rustic Winter Sleigh
  29. Terra Cotta Snowman
  30. Wine Cork Wreath
  31. Winter Mason Jar Lantern
  32. DIY Snowman Bottle Cap Ornaments
  33. No Sew Hobo Bag

Grab some crafting supplies, a few special items and lots of imagination to make these great handmade holiday gifts for anyone on your holiday gift list. The ability to personalize any of these to suit individual needs is part of why we love them so much. A simple stamp, sticker or embellishment can totally transform the most simple of things into a gorgeous gift item that will make your friends and family feel special and loved this holiday season.


25 DIY Gifts For Women

Every year we struggle to come up with a unique gift for that woman in our life that seems to have everything. This list of 25 DIY Gifts For Women is perfect for any woman on your list. Not only do you have fun pretty things like infinity scarf, wine bottle holders and coasters, but you also have things that appeal to moms with picture memories and more. Creating a fun and personalized gift for the women on your holiday gift list can be tough, but not anymore. We have solved the gift giving fears with this great list of DIY holiday gifts.

25 DIY Gifts For Women


  1. DIY Fabric Box
  2. DIY Photo Cube
  3. DIY Infinity Scarf
  4. Wine Cork Christmas Tree
  5. Burlap Wine Bottle Bag
  6. DIY Market Tote Bag
  7. DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters
  8. Glitter Dipped Champagne Glasses
  9. Homemade Orange Spice Potpourri
  10. Framed Heart Map
  11. Wine Glass Coasters
  12. DIY Photo Bookmark
  13. DIY Chalkboard Jar
  14. Birthplace Map Keychain
  15. Gift Card Snowglobe
  16. DIY Photo Block
  17. Glitter Makeup Brush Holders
  18. Sewing Kit In A Jar
  19. Framed Recipe Cards
  20. Personalized Repurposed Tin Can Storage
  21. DIY Photo Bracelet
  22. DIY Mosaic Tile Letter
  23. Stenciled Cork Coasters
  24. DIY Spiced Candles
  25. Dried Fruit Potpourri

Set aside a weekend to have fun creating truly unique and personalized DIY gifts for women on your list. Many of these great gifts can be personalized, monogrammed or made unique to the recipient. These classy homemade gift solutions aren’t the potholders of your childhood days. These unique gifts are sure to wow the person you give them to with their imagination, creativity and of course usefulness. We love how you can take great family memories of places visited or recipes made and frame them to create a truly personal and unique holiday gift that anyone would love to have in their home. This year don’t fret about that hard to buy for woman on your list. Take advantage of this great list of DIY gifts for women to give them the ultimate holiday gift from you.


Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Review & Giveaway

My middle daughter is a big fan of making everything from scratch. This includes not only cooking but also beauty products. I guess you could say I am proud that she takes after her mommy in this area as I am a firm believer in knowing what goes into the items we use and those we consume. With a changing world, it has become extremely important in our home to become self-sustainable whenever possible. So with this in mind, I am always thrilled when I get offers to review products from client such as Kiss Naturals that are not only DIY but also contain all natural ingredients.


A bit about the company: Kiss Naturals is the creator of all-natural, DIY cosmetic kits perfect for the young crafter in mind. They offer a wide variety of big and mini beautycare kits to choice from including lava lipgloss, lip balm, bath fizzie, hair chalk, face paint and more. They are also members of ASTRA and NETS Canada,  for providing award winning products, made for families by a family. You can buy with confidence knowing that their products are all natural 100% Canadian. Great for crafting, parties and gifts!

Beliefs: At Kiss Naturals, we believe that Nature got it right the first time. We don’t add fillers, additives, dyes or synthetics to any of our products. We simply use Nature’s ingredients in their purest form.

kiss naturals lava lipgloss

Natural oils keep your lips shiny with this groovy 60s inspired lip gloss by Kiss Naturals with a brightly colored, independently flowing blob of glycerin color in the mixture. Just give the tube a shake and be mesmerized as the two layers move and flow but stay separate. Sounds simple, right?

lava lipgloss

The Lava Lip Gloss kit includes six tubes, measuring cup, sunflower oil, castor oil, two flavors and three natural glycerin based colors. Enough to create six full lipgloss tubes of choice.


One of my favorite things about Kiss Naturals is the easy to understand instructions. My nine year old was able to create a tube of lava lip gloss just as quickly and efficiently as I was on her own without adult assistance. While this may not be the case with younger children, I do suggest watching over them during the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly at least the first round. This kit does state for 6+ and I believe that this range is fair for this product.

lipgloss holder

The tube itself is a nice sturdy roller style. The logo is proudly displayed on the front of the gloss. I would like to see the addition of some flavor stickers added to the kit perhaps in the future as after you make the product, it is easy to forget which is which especially since you are products a set of 2 flavors but 3 colors.


The opening of the gloss tube is wide enough to allow the oil mixture to be poured into the tube without creating a mess. I appreciated that Kiss Naturals took the time to ensure that they provided the perfect sized measuring cup with clear to see ounces on the side. This makes the mixing process nearly stressfree for both parent and child.


Once you have the proper amount of each oil into the tube, it is time to decide what color and flavor combination you or your child wishes to create. For this project we went with boysenberry flavor and purple color.

lava mixture


Don’t be alarmed when mixing, the purple does seem more pinkish than purple. I went as far as the maximum suggested color drop use and still found that it was more redish-pink than the color suggested. Perhaps that is because of the oil dilution. The finished product is still just as cool and in my experience the dyes don’t always come out as bright as they should in the natural world.

finished product

Give it a shake, shake, shake and you have your very own tube of lava lip gloss.

wet look

The finished product is more wet than anything. While I expected it to be overly oily, I was surprised to find that this was not the case. The feel was very pleasant and the taste was subtle. There is no smell to this product that I could tell which is great for those with sensitive noses.


Overall, I was happy with the product from start to finish. The only downside that I found was that after a day or so if left to just sit the product starts to separate the oils and dye. I don’t know why it does, but you can give it a good shake again to recombine.

One winner will receive a $100 Kiss Naturals Gift Certificate.

Giveaway ends December 9th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Enter using the giveaway form below. Good luck!


Disclosure: All opinions seen in this publication are those of the writer and may differ from your own. MomtoBedby8.com may have receive product or payment as a condition of this publication. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment to the winner. This sweepstakes is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network. For questions or to have your product featured on Mom to Bed by 8, email Teri at [email protected]


Kidecals – Much more than a sticky label

Like most parents I am, unfortunately, over familiar with the phrases “I don’t know where it is”, “I think I left it somewhere” and “I thought I put it in my bag”.  Our kids special talent is for loosing water bottles, cups and lunch boxes & coats. Stickers with their names on just soak off in the wash and even permanent marker isn’t so permanent when its been through the dishwasher a few times so I had become resigned to the fact I would be a major purchaser of Tupperware for the next few years. Then I was asked to review KideCals. They are not name stickers, they are high quality waterproof labels that are good for everything from clothes & footwear to camping gear, school supplies, sports equipment and anything else you may want to keep but your child might loose.

I would like to say that the process for ordering was quick on the Kidecals website, but once our kids got a look at all of the possibilities it seemed to take hours for them to whittle down the choices to just one style each. To help with this the decals can be sorted by use, age, gender, shape and style. This was a great help with Evey who will always goes for the most ‘girly girl’ version of anything she can find and it didn’t take too long to find a style with a pretty crown. Unfortunately Gabriel wanted the robot AND the train AND the rock climber AND the tent AND, well you get the picture! Once you have chosen a basic style there are a number of customization options. You can choose background colors, add phone numbers and names, even add special messages on some of them.

Which brings me to all of the other great items Kidecals has

They also have some fabulous chalkboard & dry erase labels to help with organisation and an amazing selection of wall decals that are movable, removable and won’t hurt your walls. Imagine – you could paint the walls in your kids rooms a neutral color and change the look all the time, just by changing the decals.

Even better, changing your seasonal decoration has just become as quick and simple as changing the decals on your wall!

Even your laptops and keyboards aren’t left out. Printed on premium quality removable vinyl with a non-residue acrylic adhesive that’s ideal for delicate surfaces, these stylish computer decals will spiffy up your typing area and make your laptop or desktop the coolest looking tech device around. I know many people who would go for these vintage look USA keycals or the Trekkie keycals but for me the winner was the sweet dots laptop skin – you can even design your own.

The ordering process was very simple and delivery was very quick – navigate to the page, personalize your decals and pay (credit card or paypal) then in just 3 days we received our decals.

Now, I wouldn’t normally bother taking ‘photos of the packaging but I really did like the packaging that the Kidecals arrived in – it made me feel like I was getting a special present – not just something practical for the kids. When companies take care like this over something as simple as their packaging, you know you are going to be receiving an item that they really care about.

Kidecals Packaging


We ordered the mega sets that contain 24 two inch labels and 48 one inch labels – 72 labels all together – for $28. You can order an everyday set of 12 two inch labels and 24 one inch labels -36 labels all together – for $21 or the mini set of 66 one inch labels – also for $21. For some of the sets you can buy a mega combo set of different sizes and shapes (96 labels for $36) and you know what? It doesn’t matter how many labels or packs you order, shipping is free – all day every day – Free Shipping. For those of you, like me, who have no ability to visualize what a  one or two inch label might look like – Here is one sheet of 1 inch & 2 inch decals with  regular Playmobil person for perspective.


Once I had opened the pack and our kids got their sticky little fingers on them, Kidecals started to pop up all around the house.

IMG_5154a IMG_5160e

IMG_5157e IMG_5158e

But I did manage to save enough of them for their intended use! The decals peeled off of the backing sheet very easily and were simple to apply to both smooth and uneven surfaces. For me the big test was being able to wash items with the decals on and have them remain intact and readable – and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact the decals wore better than some of the items they were placed on!

These water bottles are a month old. They have been through the dishwasher at least twice a day, been dragged around in the garden and the woods, left out overnight in the ice and rain and generally thoroughly abused by our 6 & 7 year olds.What you can’t see is that the bottle with the yellow top started out with a “Cars” theme on it and the bottle with the pink top was decorated with a “Hello Kitty” theme. The repeated washes and heavy use has worn away the factory decoration but the Kidecals that were stuck on them have gone through the same abuse and come out looking as good as they did at the start. The Kidecals that have gone through the washing machine have worn in exactly the same way. I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of these decals.

Kidecal Collage

Now we will be buying them to label some of our homemade Christmas presents, to label the many, many plastic boxes we use to organize stuff and to label all of the camping and hunting equipment the boys use to help ensure everything they take out of the house comes back when they return.


Disclosure: All opinions seen in this publication are those of the writer and may differ from your own. MomtoBedby8.com may have receive product or payment as a condition of this publication. For questions or to have your product featured on Mom to Bed by 8, email Teri at [email protected]


Make your own Silent Wind Chimes


As fall begins and winter is just over the horizon our thoughts turned to winter color in the garden. The trouble is that we don’t have much room for planting and any kind of planter or ornamental statue is going to be knocked over by a herd of rampaging children. It was then that I had the idea for these silent wind chimes. You can make them with any color you like, hang them anywhere and you don’t have to lay awake at night listening to them and wondering what on earth possessed you to buy them.

I also like that children of any age can make them, you can use almost any crafting bits and pieces you may already have and that there is no right or wrong way for it to look at the end. This is the perfect craft for a non-crafter like me.

Materials Needed

  • An empty yogurt pot, spread tub or any similar empty container
  • Either necklace string, fishing line or thin string
  • Paint for the pot or, if like us you don’t have any – colored tape
  • Assorted beads and any other shiny things you may have lying around!



  1. Start off by painting or taping your empty pot. This will be used upside down so you may want the inside painted also.
  2. Decide how many strings you are going to use – we used 6 so I’ll use this number in the instructions but you can use as many or as few as you like.
  3. Make 6 holes, roughly equally spaced around the edge of the pot.
  4. Make one hole in the top of the pot and thread a loop through or stick on a hook.
  5. Measure out 6 pieces of string, all roughly the same length.
  6. Tie a knot at one end of the string and thread a button or bread onto it. Make sure that the bead cannot pass over the knot!
  7. Thread random buttons and beads onto your strings, leaving approximately 1  & 1/2 inches at the end
  8. Wind-Chimes-Bead-Strings

  9. Tie your strings onto your pot and there you have it – a ‘silent wind chime’ to brighten up the garden

They also make great, easy to make gifts for family and friends!