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#PeeHappens Twitter Party + $250 Amazon Giveaway

To Celebrate National Bladder Health Awareness Month

Always Discreet twitter party with Marilu Henner

We’re Partying and doing a GIVEAWAY, Everyone is WELCOME but ladies 35+ are encouraged.


You know what I’m not looking forward to about another pregnancy? The fact that my bladder gives me the finger throughout the last few months. I have two kids already so at least I know what’s coming this time, right? It seems like having a baby punching and kicking my bladder for a few months doesn’t agree with it and it fails pretty badly toward the end. Oh the joys of mommyhood. Always is going to be having a #PeeHappens Twitter party, so we’re going to help them get it kicked off with a giveaway below.

Always Discreet is the gracious sponsor of the twitter party!

Your Life After 25 is the gracious sponsor for the Amazon OR Paypal giveaway!

YLA25 PeeHappens Giveaway

Now to the giveaway! There will be 3 winners.

  • 1. $125.00 Paypal or Amazon Gift Card
  • 2. $75.00 Paypal or Amazon Gift Card
  • 3. $50.00 Paypal or Amazon Gift Card

Giveaway Rules:

  • Open to US & Canada.
  • Winners will be chosen at random through Giveaway tools.
  • Giveaway ends Dec 12 at 11:59pm ET.
  • Winners will be notified via email or Twitter DM.
  • Each winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • Mom Powered Media & associated bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Unlimited Entries
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Entering the giveaway means you agree to terms above.
  • Good Luck!


Disclosure: All opinions seen in this publication are those of the writer and may differ from your own. MomtoBedby8.com may have receive product or payment as a condition of this publication. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment to the winner. This sweepstakes is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network. For questions or to have your product featured on Mom to Bed by 8, email Teri at [email protected]


Comparing Barcode Printers for Small Business Use

For small businesses looking to add a barcode system to streamline point-of-sale transactions or manage inventory, there are several options on the market. Each one offers different advantages and disadvantages. The type and size of your business operation will make a difference in your decision. There are also several other factors that should be considered. Compare each to determine which will be suit your needs.

Shipping Boxes

Technology Types for Barcode Printers

There is more than one way to print a barcode label. The type of printer that you choose will determine the print quality and ease of scanning. Some types naturally have higher associated costs, which often translates into material wastes also.

Dot matrix printers are a longstanding method for printing that has a history of reliability. Due to the age of the technology, the results are generally not as high of quality, which translates in a higher risk of the label not scanning properly. For the most part, dot matrix printers have been fazed out of other business printing and replaced by newer systems.

Inkjet and laser printers are the most commonly used for printing signage, fliers, and other business papers. Both are also commonly available for barcode printers. Both offer a higher print quality and thus higher readability rate than dot matrix. However, most incur significant costs, both initially and for long term maintenance. Both require ink, which can bleed or smear, but offer a high resolution quality on printed documents.

There are two types of thermal printers that are becoming increasingly popular over traditional printer options. They include direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Both have an exceptional print quality, making the printed labels the easiest to read with a handheld barcode scanner. Initial setup costs can be fairly high, but in the long run may cost less than other options. Neither requires ink, though thermal transfer printing does require the transfer ribbons to be replaced. Direct thermal printing uses only heat to create text, but is susceptible to damage at extreme temperatures.

Technology Compatibility with Other Devices

For business use, it is important that the labels work with your existing technology. Although upgrading to a completely new system may be beneficial in the long run, the switch can come with unanticipated costs and require employees to train on a new system. Cloud-based systems like Shopify come with a number of advantages. All aspects of business can be integrated into a single system, which allows the information to be access from anywhere and reliably up to date.

Barcodes are printed using a PC or Mac computer, connected through a USB. Some offer wireless connectivity. Software may be needed to create or modify barcodes. It is important to understand how the process will work on a daily basis and how much time and energy it will require.

Other Preferences and Customization Options

Other concerns that a business might want to investigate before investing in a barcode printer are the size of labels, the ability to customize with proprietary details, and the ability to use the printer for other purposes. In small business operations, space can be at a premium and a tool that takes up space must earn its keep.

Some add-on features for barcode printers may or may not be important to your business. A cutter will separate each label from the roll as it is printed. A rewinder will feed printed labels back onto a roll for organization, which may be useful when printing a high volume of labels at one time. Peelers are helpful when printing individual labels, as the label is removed from the backing as soon as it is printed for immediate application. If a product needs RFID tags for security coding, this can be added at the same time, but there are few options available.

Asking the Right Questions

There are some basic questions that a business owner can ask a supplier to help determine which barcode printer is most appropriate.

  • How many labels can the printer create on a daily basis?
  • What size labels are standard and are alternatives available?
  • What additional technology is needed to set up the barcode printer?
  • What are the upfront costs associated with a specific model?
  • What are the ongoing costs that are likely to incur?

Making the Final Decision

Ultimately, there is not a right or wrong answer when shopping for a barcode printer. All will get the job done and the factors of time and money are the most notable. By comparing these factors and asking the right questions, you will be able to narrow down the selection significantly. If you are still uncertain at that point, find out whether you might be able to take multiple models for a test period to compare them in person for daily use.


RSVP for the #GiveBackOctober Twitter Party & you could win $250!

GiveBackOctober Twitter Party

How do you give back to your community, to your loved ones or even to a charity you support fully? Join Mom Powered Media this month for a #GiveBackOctober twitter chat.

Where: Twitter

When: Monday, October 27th, 8pm-9pm EST

Hashtag: #GiveBackOctober

Who to Follow: @MomPoweredMedia, @MomToBedBy8, @Conservamome and @darcibean


• Grand Prize: $250 Visa Gift Card
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• Pre-Event Tweet Prize: $25 Visa Gift Card

Rules: You must RSVP, follow @MomPoweredMedia on Twitter and attend the #GiveBackOctober Twitter Party to be eligible to win!

Visit the MPM #GiveBackOctober Twitter Party page to RSVP.


Don’t miss the MPM #FallAsleepPure Twitter Party

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Pure Crafted Beds and Mom Powered Media.


Where: Twitter
When: Thursday, September 25 8pm-9pm EST
Hashtag: #FallAsleepPure
Who to Follow: @PureCraftedbeds, @Mom Powered Media, @Conservamome, @Mamasmission, @MomToBedBy8

• Grand Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
• Additional Prizes: Four $25 Amazon Gift Cards
• Pre-Event Tweet Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

CLICK HERE TO TWEET the twitter party announcement for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Visit the MPM #FallAsleepPure Twitter Party page to RSVP.

Rules: You must RSVP, follow @PureCraftedbeds on Twitter and attend the #FallAsleepPure Twitter Party to be eligible to win!


Blog & Entrepreneur Conference Events

Conference Postings

2014 Conferences and Events

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ewomen network conference

August 7-10, 2014

Dallas, TX


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declare conference

August 7-10, 2014

Dallas, TX


Separator MTBB8

Blogging Concentrated

August 9, 2014

San Francisco, CA


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IDEA World Fitness Blogfest

August 14-17, 2014

Annaheim, CA


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podcast movement

August 16-17, 2014

Dallas, TX

Separator MTBB8

the conference

August 19-20, 2014

Malmö, Sweden


Separator MTBB8

boldherAugust 21, 2014

Stroudsburg, PA


Separator MTBB8

the yellow conference

August 28-29, 2014

Los Angeles, CA

Separator MTBB8

Wildheart Live

Wildheart Live

August 31 – September 3, 2014

Belt, Montana

Separator MTBB8

Inc. Women’s Summmit

Inc. Women’s Summmit

September 2014

New York, NY


Separator MTBB8

Happy Mom Conference

September 5, 2014

Naples, FL


Separator MTBB8

Bloggy Boot Camp

Bloggy Boot Camp Women Get Social

September 5-6, 2014

Philadelphia, PA


Separator MTBB8


September 12-13, 2014

Salt Lake City, UT

Separator MTBB8

Bloggy Conference

Bloggy Conference

September 12-14, 2014

Sandusky, OH


Separator MTBB8

Inspired 2014

September 14-17, 2014

Nashville, TN


Separator MTBB8

Inbound 2014

Inbound 2014

September 15-18, 2014

Boston, MA


Separator MTBB8

Social Media Week

Social Media Week

September 17-23, 2014


Separator MTBB8

Fincon 2014

September 18-20, 2014

New Orleans, LA


Separator MTBB8


September 19-21, 2014

Atlanta, GA


Separator MTBB8

Blog Elevated

September 25-27, 2014

Galveston, TX


 Separator MTBB8

The Influence Conference

The Influence Conference

September 25-27, 2014

Indianapolis, IN


Separator MTBB8

Mom 2 CEO

Mom 2 CEO: The Ultimate Mom-Entrepreneur Symposium

September 27, 2014

Santa Monica, CA


Separator MTBB8

Trade Show Camp
September 26-27, 2014

Manhattan Beach, CA


Separator MTBB8

Women 2.0

September 30 – October 1, 2014

San Francisco, CA


Separator MTBB8

Business Gets Personal

October 2, 2014


Separator MTBB8



October 2-4, 2014

Los Angeles, CA


Separator MTBB8

The Founding Moms Conference

The Founding Moms Conference

October 6, 2014

Chicago, IL


Separator MTBB8

Sponsor Secret Seminar

Sponsor Secret Seminar

October 7-9, 2014

Los Angeles, CA


Separator MTBB8

The Feast Conference 2014

The Feast Conference 2014

October 9-11, 2014

Brooklyn, NY


Separator MTBB8

Bloggy Boot Camp

October 11, 2014

Atlanta, GA


Separator MTBB8

FL Social Con

October 11, 2014

Miami, FL


Separator MTBB8

Pennsylvania Women’s Conference

Pennsylvania Women’s Conference

October 16, 2014

Philadelphia, PA


Separator MTBB8

Niche Parent

October 16, 2014

Walt Disney World Resort – Orlando, FL


Separator MTBB8

Pivot 2014

Pivot 2014

October 16-17, 2014



Separator MTBB8

2014 Maker’s Retreat

October 17-22, 2014

Cortes Island, BC


Separator MTBB8

2014 Women's Conference
October 17-19, 2014

Atlanta, GA

Separator MTBB8

Spark and Hustle’s Fall Celebration

October 18, 2014

Atlanta, GA


Separator MTBB8

Embracing You Women’s Conference

October 18, 2014

Hyattsville, MD


Separator MTBB8

Pam Slim & Betsy Rapport’s Sedona Writers Retreat

Pam Slim & Betsy Rapport’s Sedona Writers Retreat

October 23-26, 2014

Sedona, AZ


Separator MTBB8

Live Free Online Event

October 23-26, 2014

Sonoma, CA

Separator MTBB8

Smash the Ceiling

Smash the Ceiling

October 24-25, 2014

Eau Claire, WI


Separator MTBB8

Life is Beautiful

October 24-26, 2014

Las Vegas, NV


Separator MTBB8


November 6 – 8, 2014

San Antonio, TX


Separator MTBB8

Blogging Concentrated

November 8 – 9, 2014

Atlanta, GA


Separator MTBB8

Leading and Loving It Retreat

November 11-13, 2014

Henderson, NV


Separator MTBB8

Texas Conference for Women

November 13, 2014

Austin, TX


Separator MTBB8

Massachusetts Conference for Women

December 4, 2014

Boston, MA


 Separator MTBB8 [Read more…]


How To Juggle Working At Home With Kids In Summer

If you are one of us who works from home, you understand the approach of summer vacation is one of fear and difficulty.  You love the sounds of your kids home, the fun trips to the beach and of course the vacation as a family.  The problem lies n How To Juggle Working At Home With Kids In Summer.  They want to go constantly and do something, and you need to concentrate on your work.  We have come up with some great solutions to help you take care of work and your kids this summer.

juggle working at home with kids in summer


HIRE A TEENAGER TO HELP OUT:  If your kids are younger, you may be able to get away with an inexpensive teenage babysitter who will be there during the day with you.  He or she can play games, fix their lunch and in general keep them out of your hair while you work.

SEND THEM TO VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL:  While not recommending you use this as a babysitter, it is a great way to have some free time while your kids are having fun.  If you are a religious person and have good churches in your area, check out their summer schedule for camps and activities.  This will give you a few hours a day of time to concentrate without guilt.

CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE:  if you are use to using the typical 8am-3pm school hours to do your work, it is time to start adjusting.  Most kids will sleep a bit later during the summer months.  Use this time to work without interruption.  Perhaps even setting your alarm for a half hour to hour ahead of time.

LIGHTEN YOUR WORK LOAD:  If you currently have a heavy work load, summer may be a time you can cut back.  Don’t take on new projects.  Tell your regular clients you’ll be doing light duty during the summer.  Another option is to work double time for a few weeks to get ahead so the time off during the summer won’t be as tough.

FIND LOCAL LIBRARIES AND PLAY CENTERS WITH FREE WIFI:  Sometimes the easiest way to deal is to find a place for them to play.  Local play centers, libraries and even some church’s with play areas will have free WIFI for you to use while you work and fun times for the kids.  Make sure if you are doing this that you are always aware of where your kids are and what they are doing.  Bring along a babysitter or teen to help watch the kids while you work and they play.

SWAP DAYS WITH OTHER LOCAL MOMS:  If you live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and a few moms who are at home during the summer months, you may be able to trade days  Finding even 1-2 other moms willing to take all the kids for one day each week will give each of you a much needed break for work or down time.

Working from home is a great thing for many moms and dads, but dealing with kids being home during summer months can be a real struggle.  How to juggle working at home with kids in summer is a mere matter of planning ahead.  Even if you are in the middle of your summer break already, you can still apply many of these tips to make your work day and your vacation time that much easier.



Blogger Bash Coffee Talk #NYC


In just a few short days, I am off to New York City where I will attend Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite. I am ultimately excited to make new connections, learn something new and even grow in a way I have not yet mastered. Not to mention I have never been to NYC. Yes, this will be fun!

1. Name – Teri Hardy-Hatland

2. Where are you from? – Sioux City, IA

3. How long have you been blogging? – For the better part of 5 years.

4. What is the meaning behind your blog name? – Ha! Every time I explain this I feel like the mom from hell or something. Seriously though, I found happiness in getting everything during the day complete and heading to bed at 8pm. This carried along with me into mommyhood and we have been doing this since day one. In fact, I can be a tad cranky when the routine falls in the trash. Call me weird but even when I am traveling for work, I check in to make sure the kids are in bed on time.

5. What are you most looking forward to at Blogger Bash? – EVERYTHING!!! Okay, okay – I will pick one if I have to. The opportunity to possibly meet Samantha Meiler of NickMom. I am a huge fan and silent stalker of NickMom and dream big of breaking into video actively soon.

6. What three words describe you the best? – Loyal, Blunt and Overachiever

7. Got kids? You bet I do! How many? 7

8. We all have a pet peeve. What is your #1? – ANTI-CAPTCHA – I read more blogs than most in the circles I engage in. Let’s just say I often have a diversified taste – everything from fashion to food, parenting to relationships. If I ever feel the need to toss my two cents in *which I do often*, you will lose me faster than a bottle in a slippery hand if you use Captcha. I just do not have the time for that mess.

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – My father. He abandoned me to an abusive home life when I was 12 and never looked back. I would love to sit down, have his attention and ask why.

10. Show me your face!


Take Control Of Your Blog’s Web Server!

Take Control Of Your Blog's Web Server!

Ready to take control of your site, increase your site performance and have the freedom to control your web server however you want?

While shared hosting works fine for static web sites and small WordPress sites, the lack of resources and overcrowding on shared hosting servers can bring your site to a crawl. You are also limited to the software the hosting provided has installed, which limits your ability to have a fast and efficient WordPress site.

If you have looked at upgrading your shared hosting plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan the price jump can be huge. From as little a $5 shared hosting to $40 for a VPS plan with the same company. For most people it is hard to justify a monthly increase like that.

Luckily over the years several new companies have entered the hosting market focusing on performance and value. Two companies that I have been using for almost a year now are Linode, http://goo.gl/IpKjh0 and Digital Ocean,http://goo.gl/pkwhca. Both companies specialize in VPS plans at great prices. Digital Ocean plans start out at $5 per month and Linode starts at $20 per month. Both offer some of the newest server technology in their plans including SSD (solid state drives) on all their hosting providing extremely fast disk speeds.

The biggest downside for most people have been the knowledge needed to use a VPS service. Although both companies provide guides on setting everything up working from a command line can be challenging for some people.
The good news once it is once your site is up and running you don’t need to worry about the server anymore.

One of the most important things you can do once you have your our VPS is choose what web server software to use. Currently almost all shared hosting uses Apache for their web server. While Apache is a good all around choice it can quickly become overwhelmed on any hardware. About the fastest web server you can use right now is NGINX. This was a web server developed with performance in mind. This is also the web server of choice for many big companies as well including Facebook and WordPress.com to name a few.

NGINX is capable of handling a huge number of requests with minimal impact on hardware resources. This is what allows a $5/month VPS with NGINX to outperform a $200+/month dedicated server using Apache. I have learned this from personal experience. If you are already using a VPS for your WordPress site then changing from Apache to NGINX will be a big improvement in your server performance.

With that in mind, we are now ready to offer several services to fellow bloggers to get the most out of their site.
1. Convert from Apache to NGINX
2. Migrate from existing server to new server
3. Migrate from Blogger to WordPress
4. Install and setup server side caching and optimization

Example: move site from Shared Hosting to Digital Ocean, setup NGINX as webserver and install & setup caching and optimization software on server. Cost $225. Additional sites on the same server are $75.

Approximately 96 hours to complete installation and testing. Should be no downtime for your site. Free standard support for 30 days. You are responsible for setting up a VPS account. Please contact me about your site needs and I can help recommend which VPS plan would be best for you. Digital Ocean and Linode are the 2 companies I highly recommend based on personal experience.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions.


Join Mia Mariu for a New Year, New You Twitter Party


Please join Mia Mariu for a New Year… New You! Mia Mariu Twitter Party!

What New Years’ resolutions have you made? Lose a few inches? Eat healthier? Start a new business?  Get in on the conversation as we discuss tips, tricks, and the benefits of balancing beauty, health and business for a New You! We want to hear all of your New Years’ resolutions!

Join Mia Mariu and the MPM team on Wednesday, January 22nd from 11:30am to 12:30pm CST by tweeting your questions. Be sure to tag us in your tweet using the handle @Mia_Mariu and hashtag #AskMia.

For participating, you will be entered into a drawing where we will have eight (8) winners! Each winner will be able to choose a Mia Mariu Life and Body Plus product (one choice of the liquid vitamin, flaxseed oil, garcinia or digestive aid) or a Mía Mariú Beauty Pack (Maria Bonita Blush, Mascara & Amore Lipstick). Please refer below for a full description of contest rules and regulations.

We are excited to chat with all of you and we cannot wait to answer your health product questions! Please be sure to Like Mia Mariu on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER!

US & Canadian residents only.

Must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Must follow @MIA_MARIU on Twitter.

One entry per user. Users may chat as many times as they would like, but username will be entered for drawing only once.

For more information visit: http://miamariu.com/blog/?p=434


Incorporating the Pinterest Board in Your Web Design

Pinterest is one of the best social media sites for eCommerce stores because Pinterest users come to Pinterest in the hopes of finding that perfect gifts for friends, family members, and themselves. According to “Social Media Predictions 2013,” Pinterest took much of the social media world by surprise. Pinterest’s design is a fusion of web design and images. It also allows for increased interaction between the viewers and the eCommerce store owners.

Businesses can obviously set up pins on all of their web pages and product items. If you aren’t doing this, then you should. But you can take it a step further and incorporate a Pinterest board into your actual web design. Viewers like seeing recommended combinations. They enjoy seeing other similar products, and many seem to like the overall feel of Pinterest.

Greatest Attention on the Second and Third Central Rows

When you decide to incorporate the Pinterest board into your web design, you need to consider the visual impact and the connections with content from a Pinterest perspective. According to “Maximizing Pinterest,” viewers focus the most on the second and third central rows. These rows typically remain in the central perspective, but people also assume that these rows are the most important. You may want to put your highest quality items here. You can also switch out the items that appear in this slot to maximize sales that will clear out your online inventory.

Use the Ever Scrolling Feature

Consistent or ever scrolling is one of the more popular features on Pinterest. When incorporating the Pinterest board design in your web design, you should do everything you can to incorporate this feature. Pinterest uses this feature to keep viewers caught up in the browsing experience. Clicking on new pages causes an interruption in that experience, and it gives the viewers a reason to go to another site. Even if you decide against using the Pinterest board in your web design, see if you can incorporate the ever scrolling feature into your current web design so that your products all appear on a single page.

Include More Than Just Products

As an eCommerce store, you might be tempted to only include the products that your store sells. However, the “Pinterest Secrets Guide” explains that most Pinterest users are more inclined to return to a site that includes pins of motivational and inspiring images as well. These images should generally relate to issues that the consumers might be interested in. Adding them in demonstrates an interest in the potential consumer that goes beyond mere salesmanship. It also gives viewers a reason to return and see if you have updated these pins.

The Pinterest social media platform offers a great deal to businesses, and even the Pinterest board can be incorporated into your general web design. To bring these elements in and make them effective, you need to remember a few things. First, remember that the viewer pays the most attention to the second and third central rows. Second, the ever scrolling feature Pinterest uses allows a seamless browsing experience that keeps the customers in the moment. Third, including pins other than products and offering inspirational messages can increase the interest from your customers as they see that you care about them as more than just buyers.


“Global Smurfs Day” Twitter Party


Smurfs are BACK and ready for world domination. In fact, this Saturday is Global Smurfs Day and we’re celebrating a little early, along with our friends at Ubisoft (who happen to be releasing a new Smurfs game). We’ve got a Twitter Party lined up sure to make you smile. Because Smurfs are cute and we’re clever and this will just be a lot of fun. Laaaa la la la la laaaaaaa!

Who: You, anyone who likes the color Blue, and everyone who wants to get the lowdown on Gargamel
What: The “Global Smurfs Day” Twitter Party
When: Thursday, June 20,2013 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Where: On Twitter! CleverTweets: coming soon
Follow: @Clever_Network
Hashtag: #GlobalSmurfsDay
Prizes: Copies of the Smurfs 2 video game, Smurfs Dance Party, & Smurfs plush toys!

RSVP: http://clvr.li/12nizBI

Share the love of blue by Retweeting this out:

Disclosure No Comp
Information provided by Clever Girls Network

The Link Between Social Media and Customer Service #Infographic

No matter where you are a small business owner or one of the big wig companies, social media can be your link to consumers. Social media has opened an entire new way of marketing. In a quick status update you can inspire thousands of potential consumers to see you out or even develop a dreaded hate relationship. Below is an interesting infographic that helps breaks down the important link between social media and customer service.


Little Me Twitter Party! Come join the parenting fun & win prizes too. #LittleMe

Multiple birth is a joyous occasion that is understood and cherished by Little Me. Understanding that expecting a multiple birth is both a magical and a worrisome time in your life; they would like to help you focus on the double, triple, quadruple… adorable smiles and giggles you’ll have coming to you times many!

Little Me is offering a “Welcome to the World” gift after your multiple child birth. To receive your free gift please register for the Multiple Birth Program.


To celebrate the Multiple Birth Program and each parent out there, we are hosting a Little Me Twitter chat event. We invite you to join us for a fun filled hour of pregnancy to parenting trivia and moment shares.

Who: You, your family, your family’s family, your friends, your friend’s friends

What: #LittleMe Twitter Party

When: Thursday April 25,2013 at 8pm ET

Where: Twitter

Hashtag: #LittleMe

Follow: @mompoweredmedia@PowerbyMomBlog@MomtoBedby8@BabyCostcutters & @LittleMe_Baby

Prizes: $100 Little Me Gift Card, 2 $50 Little Me Gift Cards & 5 Little Me 7″ Plush Bears!

MBP Button

Questions: Contact Teri at [email protected]

TweetGrid: http://goo.gl/yRUcA an easier way to follow along on the twitter party!

More chances to win: Retweet the announcement below for a chance to win a $25 Little Me Gift Card and a 7″ Plush Bear!

RSVP your twitter @ and url below:


YouTube Next Vlogger 2013. Do you have what it takes?


Vlogging. Anyone with a camera, the initiative and a YouTube account can be a vlogger. But do you have what it takes to be a YouTube Next Vlogger? There is an all-new competition to find out just that. Looking for the next round of vloggers: sharing personal stories of triumph to share with the world.

Have you ever had to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? Was there a goal you reached through hard-work and perseverance? Have you incorporated these inspiring tales of accomplishment into your channel? Starting today through April 18, 2013, applications will be open for 16 inspired and inspiring vloggers to tell us about their struggles and victories – whether they’re big or small, we want you to inspire us!

This iteration of YouTube Next Vlogger will provide the 16 winning entrants the opportunity to collaborate on videos with other similarly passionate vloggers. They’ll also take part in three months of intimate educational workshops held on Google+ Hangouts. And to top it off, each vlogger will receive $4,000 worth of video equipment and mentoring from industry experts and content creators on YouTube.

By nature, vloggers are sharers; giving us glimpses into their lives and experiences through the YouTube window. I can’t wait to see the stories you have to share and hope you come back and leave us a link to follow along.

Details of the competition are available at http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/vlogger.html.

Source:  http://youtubecreator.blogspot.com/


Milk Unleashed Twitter Party! Lots of prizes. Come join the fun #milkunleashed

It’s time to celebrate Nutrition Month, win some Visa Gift Cards, more prizes, pick up some nutrition tips and more!

In honor of National Nutrition Month in March, we’re talking about Milk Unleashed – an educational campaign to encourage families to incorporate more milk in their kids’ diets. Milk has been unleashed for the convenience of moms everywhere. A great source of protein, calcium and Vitamin D and dubbed Milk Unleashed, it is Grade A, real milk that is packaged in a shelf safe Tetra Pak milk box (similar to a juice box or carton of soup).

milk unleashed

Since shelf safe milk does not require refrigeration until opened, it can be taken to school, on camping trips, to sporting events or any other adventures without worrying about spoilage. You can freeze it the night before so it’s just the right temperature at lunch…but if you don’t get around to drinking it – no problem…put it back on the shelf (it will last 6 – 9 months).

More and more brands are offering handy single-serving cartons. It’s a convenient ways moms can ensure that their kids are drinking more milk. Check us out at www.MilkUnleashed.com @milkunleashed at facebook.com/milkunleashed.

Who: You, your family, your family’s family, your friends, your friend’s friends

What: #milkunleashed Twitter Party

When:Tuesday March 26,2013 at 5pm PT/8pm ET

Where: Twitter

Hashtag: #milkunleashed

Follow: @mompoweredmedia, @PowerbyMomBlog, @MomtoBedby8, @BabyCostcutters &

Prizes: $50 Paypal Cash & 10 iCaughtSanta Codes to create your own character moment!

Questions: Contact Michelle at [email protected]

TweetGrid: http://bit.ly/16F1cw0 an easier way to follow along on the twitter party!

Fine Print: There will be TWO Grand Prizes of $50 Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards, one for US Residents and one for Canadian Residents along with more prizes available to US & Canadian residents! By RSVPing you agree that you are 18 years of age or older.
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