Asurion Saves You from Mobile Mishaps

When you have kids and silly friends, something is bound to happen to your cellphone at one time or another. In fact things have happened to mine – not once, not twice, not even three times, but four. That is right; I said four!

The Not So Wise Choice 1 – Letting my sweet Aryka who was just 2 years old at the time play with my cell around the house while mommy was trying to clean. Where did I find it? You must know already, the toilet. Where else who a curious tot put mommy’s telephone? Slash!

Big adventure 2 – Traveling with kids sometimes means you lose your train of thought. This time, I was chasing around my two daughters {ages 3 and 2 at the time} around the car, getting everything they desired tucked away for our hour trip to the grocery. With the kiddos all happy and mom in the car, I checked the mirrors, buckled everyone including myself up and even double checked to make sure my wallet was in the bag. What did I forget? Oh that is right, my cellphone sitting on the roof of the car. Crunch!

Don’t drink and chat 3 – Even as the DD, I learned the hard way not to let those in the passenger seat use my phone. Even when they are as happy as a clown, that one call to that certain someone can send your cell right into the front window. Smash and dash, broken window and all.

When all else fails 4 – Laundry is my least favorite chore. I tell you this because in my home there are 6 people who somehow create at least two loads a day and if I miss a day, that means four and so on. So on one of those busy weeks where I missed way too many days, I was in my rush mom, get-her-done mode and doing a load and hour. By all means honey forget to clean your pockets out why don’t ya. Swish, swash and dry!

The complete Asurion protection package, available through most wireless carriers, provides consumers with (1) Software that protects mobile data against the growing number of cell phone/smartphone threats and helps them locate a lost or stolen phone and (2) A replacement device, usually overnight, in the event a phone is lost, damaged (even water damaged) or stolen.

I just love that paragraph above, especially where it reads “even water damage”. Thank goodness Asurion Saves You from Mobile Mishaps for even the most accident cellphone prone woman in the world!
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  1. This would be great to have, I washed my phone the same day I got it as a bday gift. My daughter has cracked 3 iphones so we bought her a cheaper phone and she broke that too. I would love something water proof

  2. This reminds me of when my three year old dropped my phone in the toilet! Thank goodness I have a waterproof phone right now or I would be in trouble! Every parent needs this!

  3. Yes, the toilet, not a good place for the cell to land. :)

  4. I’ve had lots of friends ruin there phones one way or the other with water..what a great idea

  5. Melissa Saenz says:

    Could have used this when my son ruined his phone by taking it in the pool with him by accident, lol.

  6. This is great.
    Quick Story.
    I work in a kitchen and my boss leaned over the deep fryer and his phone fell in. We scrambled frantically for tongs to get it out.
    The back was all melted off and he pulled out the sim card.
    After about 2 hours he tried it out, and the darn thing worked altho it was all melted!
    So strange, you drop them in water and ka-put, but some of them you can deep fry! LOL

  7. Why didn’t I think of this?

  8. Great feature

  9. Wish i could of thought of that ! hahaha

  10. Could have used this when my son ruined his phone by taking it in the pool with him by accident

  11. We lost our phone to someone’s 2yr old dumping a bucket of water into my purse… gggrrrrrr.

  12. Love this.

  13. Is sad the phones are really getting broken like that. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  14. We’ve hesitated to get cell phone insurance because our precvious policy charged such a high deductible we may as well have just skipped the insurance. Perhaps this policy is a better value.

  15. krista grandstaff says:

    that would be a great add on with any cell phone package, and more than worth it :)

  16. adrienne warren says:

    yes now what is it with cell phones and toilets? It’s like cells phones are born with a lemming instinct.

  17. Nikki Elkins says:

    this sounds like a great deal

  18. I have lost a phone to the toilet as well. One time I fished it out and blow dried it and managed to save it :)

  19. I have not heard of this before! Thanks for the information!

  20. I have never seen this…interesting

  21. Melinda Dartmann says:

    I’m Still not that technologically savvy, it looks cool as hell, but not sure I would own it.

  22. Michelle F. says:

    what a great product! I need one of these

  23. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Little Grand-baby out mine in the toilet once—*sigh*–it was able to make and receive some calls after it dried

  24. Dawn Sterner says:

    I would love to have this, it’s a great idea!

  25. We haven’t had to use the coverage through Asurion in years, but it’s nice to have the coverage just in case, as our phones get more expensive to replace.

    • Pamela Warren says:

      doesnt make any sense the phones r so expensive u have to take out a loan but they cant make them waterproof and shockproof cuz people r going to drop them

  26. Joshua Lanham says:

    Cant wait till i get offered this for my S3!

  27. I have seen a broken one and it is sad. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  28. Teresa Thompson says:

    My phone has been in many accidents and this is great.

  29. ariespranata says:

    This would be amazing to have!

  30. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Would save a lot of headaches! You sound like my husband, he can damage his phone just waking up!

  31. Kayleen Considine says:

    I don’t have a cell phone, but I have known people to drop theirs down the toilet, and I know they would have liked to have had this!!!

  32. Laura Harper says:

    Great idea. A better one would be if phone companies made phones that not even a kiddo could break, but hey we know that isn’t going to happen.

  33. i need this

  34. LaDonna McCrimon says:

    My 1 YO has slobbered into the speaker of 2 phones!

  35. courtney hennagir says:

    i think phones should just come with these! they are awesome!

  36. Raina Delrio says:

    I LOVE Asurion! They have saved me plenty of times!!!!

  37. Mary Fagans says:

    Awesome, I know I’ve lost/ruined too many cells!

  38. Peggy Bolling says:

    Hubby is rough on phones. He’s really good about crushing them between himself and whatever mechanical projects he is doing. Oh and there’s the one time he was bush hogging and lost it in the woods

  39. Interesting

  40. Sarah Scott says:

    This would be great! I’ve had cellphones fall in the toilet, and the swimming pool.

  41. I dropped my phone in our top load washer.

  42. I could use that protection package! :)

  43. This is what my daughter needs, she is pretty ingenious when it comes to damaging her phone.

  44. micheal dale grim says:

    could have used this when i dropped mine into commode!!!!

  45. ana georgievska says:


  46. Looks like a very handy thing to have!

  47. Nicole Carter says:

    Great idea for life’s little mishaps!

  48. Randi Oaklief says:

    I don’t have the best of luck with phones & it would be great to have something like this!

  49. This would be incredibly useful! I will definitely look into the Asurion protection package. Thank you for the review!

  50. vikki Billings says:

    Very awesome!!

  51. I’m sure a lot of people could use this.

  52. Annie Costa says:

    Great,helpful to know!

  53. stephanie eisenmenger shubert says:

    Would be great thanks for telling me about it!!

  54. I dropped my phone in a cup.of soda, had one dropped in the toliet, thrown in the street, slid off the car roof( forgot olit was there) & was thrown in the pool with one in my pocket at a bbq. what a blessing a water proof phone would be!!!

  55. rennie quinn says:

    amazing my daughter would love

  56. Sarah Scott says:

    This would be great to have! I’ve had cellphones fall in the toilet and I’ve also jumped in the pool with it in my pocket.

  57. i really could have used this when i dropped my cell phone in the toilet! i have done it like 3 times! >_<! im gunna look into this for sure!

  58. I am usually able to keep my phone away from water luckily. 3-5 foot drops…not so much.

  59. It’s very important to protect your phone screen.

  60. Sania Akbar says:

    Great !!

  61. Sania Akbar says:

    Nice one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. I hate when that happens

  63. I have had a broken screen before, not fun!

  64. I hate when that happens I think I follow everything here

  65. Hello

  66. Hello. Posting for the win

  67. New technology will always continue to grow. I love new technology but its harder for some to adjust.

  68. New technology will always continue to grow. I love new technology but its harder for some to adjust. New technology will always continue to grow. I love new technology but its harder for some to adjust.

  69. Sounds wonderful!

  70. that would be great, i have lost a phone once to being dropped in the kitchen sink.

  71. Spring Ross says:

    It sounds great!

  72. Lilyana Cruz says:

    I like iT

  73. Colleen Bayone says:

    I am going to look into this FOR SURE~~

  74. Christy Maurer says:

    That is an awesome thing to have! Especially if you have an expensive phone!

  75. Kevin Arsene says:

    Waterproof is Awesome

  76. Julie Klein says:

    Awesome I could have used this when my then boyfriend dropped his glass of beer in my purse, it went straight for my cell phone and ruined it.

  77. sharon winne says:

    I could of used this when i dropped mine in the toilet!

  78. This is a great feature!!

  79. michelle warner says:

    too cool, i needed this a few

  80. rachel rohde says:

    asurion saved me on multiple occasions.

  81. TRACY SIMMS says:

    sounds like a good prodcut..thanks,

  82. That would be awesome, my 8 year old has cause water damage to like 3 of my cell phones, the major reason why I dont have one anymore. Too expensive to replace but this is awesome.. Thanks for posting..

  83. Alicia Ponce says:

    This is good to share-thanks


  85. Carrie Phelps says:

    I have three grandchildren that think my phone is a toy, waterproof is good!

  86. BlackAsphodel says:

    The story with the phone left on the roof of the car was the most dramatic.

  87. I wish they carried a protection plan for other devices too! My husband’s iPod touch went through the laundry once, and my own iPod was also thrown in the toilet by a sneaky little toddler.

  88. waterproof beer proof or whatever elese you can get it wet with definatlelty a great selling point

  89. Heidi J. Sisco says:

    We actually have this on our cell phone just because my husband travels to work in the summer months on his motor cycle and we figured that if he dropped it while on the bike, then this would come in handy. Luckily we haven’t had to use it yet :)

  90. Bethany Fields says:

    I remember when I had a pager (yes a pager, who remembers those lol), and I would drop it into the toilet regularly because it was attached to my hip when I would pull down my pants.

  91. This is really cool! I would love one!

  92. Haha, that’s funny. I did the same with two of my learner’s permits. ๐Ÿ˜›

  93. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    A friend and I went rafting and I took my phone just in case we had some problems. It was all good until we were getting to our destinatons, plop! There goes my phone into the river.

  94. Crystal Craig says:

    This would be great to have, if I were to ever get a cellphone. I’m very accident prone, haha. :)

  95. I’m so glad nothing has happened to my phone, it has been stomped on (angry nephew) and thrown and I’ve been lucky that it has been ok. Asurion should be good for when I get a more delicate phone!

  96. Pamela Halligan says:

    Sounds like everyone needs Asurion. Once, I washed my husband’s cellphone with the laundry – he had left it in his pants pocket. Needless to say, it was ruined.

  97. That’s pretty amazing.

  98. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Those are really great tips but for me, as careful as I try to be I am usually as clumsy as an ox. I can’t tell you how many electronics I have destroyed over the years…Just a few months back, I was carrying my laptop outside and I dropped it…I stood there for a few minutes like a deer in the headlights afraid to look at the damage. I had a really lovely break on the entire right side of the screen. It was destroyed. I tried to just have the screen part replaced and it was actually cheaper to replace the entire laptop. Asurion is my kind of technology! Thanks for posting! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. I would love this and need this LOL

  100. Rebecca Sinclair says:

    Wow – even from water damage? That is amazing!

  101. Debbie Ritenour says:

    I have this insurance and had to use it a few times :)

  102. Kathy Stuit says:

    what a cool idea

  103. So great!! Need it!

  104. All we have is a phone that is hooked up to the wall.Not even cordless!

  105. Robert Cronkwright says:

    My last phone took a swirly wish it had that feature

  106. Sounds great

  107. Jennifer Hedden says:

    This would be great to have especially with all the expensive smartphones that are out today. I have dropped my cell phone several times and luckily it still works but this would be great for me since I am so clumsy. I have never heard of this until now so I will definitely have to check it out. Thank you for the great post!

  108. Ah! Your friend must’ve been pretty angry to throw your phone into the windshield!

  109. I love this. My family has broke so many phones.

  110. I like saving money. Great feature.

  111. I really need that =)

  112. wow im definitely going to talk to hubby about this we go through too many phones for my liking

  113. heather holmberg says:

    soooo nice love it

  114. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Asurion saved my son, as only two weeks after he purchased an HTC phone, he dropped it in the swimming pool. Instead of paying full price for a replacement phone, he only paid $50. Big cost savings!

  115. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    VERY COOL! This would be great for my firefighter hubby…lol

  116. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    VERY COOL PHONE! This would be GREAT for my firefighter hubby

  117. great idea!

  118. Angie Gatto says:

    I def need this for my family. My son broke two cell phones in one day. One in the pool swimming and one in the river fishing.

  119. Amy Truluck says:

    What a fabulous product! I definitely need one – my twin sister has “killed” 3 iphones by dropping them…

  120. angela shoaf says:

    I really need this with my son. He likes to take his phone swimming.

  121. angela shoaf says:

    I really could use this with my son, he likes to take his phone swimming.

  122. I believe Verizon offers this on all their phones! I had my Verizon phone accidentally thrown in the garbage can! It was also found accidentally when the guys took our cans to our local county dump, no trash service in the boonies! It was in hideous shape! But replaced immediately! You never know what can happen to your phone! This is great insurance!

  123. Christina Schmidt says:

    Ugh…I just had to pay to fix a screen :(

  124. barbara tryon says:

    Teenagers need this because htey are always (in my opinion) taking it in the bathroom because they would have a fit if they missed a text!

  125. i really wish i had this when i dropped my cell in the toilet! im gunna be most defiantly be lookin into this!

  126. Daryl Humphreys says:

    This is so great! I left my phone on top of the car and lost it on the freeway, I have also dropped it in the toilet. This really gives me peace of mind the my next phone may be covered by all the oopsies.

  127. So need one!

  128. Tyler Johnson says:

    I want this!!!

  129. cracked screens are expensive.

  130. veronica cummings says:

    This sounds like something I need!

  131. What a handy thing to have!

  132. We currently don’t have a cell phone, but will definitely keep this in mind if we are in the market to buy one.

  133. Great idea.

  134. Julie Thompson says:

    When I was 2 mom stuck me in the garage with my dad and I went behind him and dumped all of his screws and nails into a giant pile in the middle of the floor and when he got most of them separated again I went behind him again and dumped them into a huge pile and mixed them up I kept doing it and he got frustrated and he bent down to give me a kiss on the head and i grabbed onto his beard with both hands and wouldn’t let go and he just spun around my mom just laughed she had to grab me needless to say that was the end to a beard but the start of terrible 2’s that never ended. LOL!

  135. Looks good

  136. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    This really works! I had this on my phone and when it got damaged, I filed a claim, paid $30 and received a new phone over night :)

  137. Melissa Say What? says:

    Anyone with a smart phone should have this kind of protection!!

  138. good aswome stuff

  139. Asurion has resued me before

    Love them

  140. Amy Pullifrone says:

    Ha…water and cell phones, they don’t mix.

  141. melissa teears says:

    Asurion has rescued me before
    Love them

  142. sounds great as lots of things happen to phone especially dropping in water

  143. This is a great concept. I dropped my phone yesterday on the sidewalk and thankfully it didn’t break but I would definitely consider it.

  144. tere hidalgo-rodriguez says:

    cell phone & water do not mix.

  145. Karen Rennirt says:

    Love this phone, I want one!

  146. Asurion was the insurer/claims processor for two claims i have made recently–a lost sprint phone and a broken camera charged to amex card. Bothe claims were easily done on line and replacement phone and credit for camera purchase processed quicly with no hassle. I was very pleased with the service.

  147. Carolyn A Colley says:

    very nice, would love to have one

  148. Great technology

  149. I had never heard of this, but now I am so glad. I go through cell phones like it’s my job! :) It gets expensive and frustrating-I’ve had to go from a very expensive phone to a cheapie because I couldn’t keep buying nice ones! Thank You!

  150. This is pretty amazing, I’ve lost lots of phones to water damage..

  151. Love this

  152. Laura Miller says:

    I could totally use this! I have gone through 8 cellphones in the past 2 yrs, I’m a mess! The hubs totally freaks out on me too, lol.

  153. Hubby dropped his off of a 2 story house before- needless to say it didnt survive.

  154. Debbie Fitcher says:

    My son and his wife should get this they have iPhones.My daughter-in-law’s iPhone got knock into a cup of tea and my sons an EMT.Which he has cracked his phone in the past.

  155. i like this idea

  156. Kristy Bodle says:

    Very cool. I have had my phone go in the washer before and the toilet. So far my 2 year old has not broke my phone. He has just called the operator. I hope saying this he will not do it now. lol.

  157. melissa teears says:

    I love asurion. Saved me many times

  158. Kristy Bodle says:

    Very cool. I have had my phone go in the washer before and the toilet. So far my 2 year old has not broke my phone. He has just called the operator. I hope saying this he will not do it now. lol. :)

  159. nice concept!

  160. I love asurion. Saved me many times.

  161. Mary McCloy says:

    Water Proof Phones are a Great invention

  162. Rachael Henzman says:

    I need this for my phone! I have lost several phones to water damage lol

  163. Richelle L Leffler says:

    great idea :)

  164. great feature– they are so expensive to begin with–like this– wish I had it — mine has hit the toilet, the river, the wash machine– so there it go no good…..I need this

  165. very cool giveaway…my phone has had a rough life

  166. jamie tucker says:

    LOL that is too funny i told my husband that i never heard of anyone that dropped their phone in the bathroom besides him. This would be awesome considering he is on his 6th phone in a year.

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  167. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says:

    I need to tell my mom about this, she has more problems with a cell phone than anyone I know. My carrier doesn’t have it.

  168. i liked

  169. courtnie lee says:


  170. Miranda Welle says:

    Sounds great! When our 2nd was 2, he threw my phone in the toilet!

  171. oh yes this is well needed– after, the wash machine!

  172. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    That’s awesome! I need to look into it for my smart phone!

  173. Robert Pyszk says:

    I have had a cell phone to land in the toilet before

  174. melissa holske says:

    what an awesome feature

  175. Dale Zimmerman says:

    it’s great to have Insurance on your phone that will actually replace it or fix it

  176. Dale Zimmerman says:

    Insurance really comes in handy when you keep having mishaps with your phone

  177. Diane K.Brimmer says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  178. Put phone in shirt pocket. Bend over to flush toilet. Oops.
    Thanks for the info.

  179. Christine burd says:

    don’t have a smart phone but will consider this when we do

  180. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    GREAT REVIEW…Thanks for sharing!

  181. Megan Raines says:

    awesome phone!



  183. I can’t tell you how many phones I’ve washed! I’m surprised nobody has come up with this protection service before.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (


  185. this could definitely help as right now both of my kids phones are not working correctly.

  186. angela shoaf says:

    I need this my son likes to take his phone swimming.

  187. My daughter not only dropped the phone in the toilet, but flushed it! Oh, yes, it can happen!

  188. Alana Vester says:

    I have dropped my phone in water before. I’m very clumsy with my phones sometimes.

  189. could be handy to have

  190. Ella Bryant says:

    Yes, definitely the service is a must-have!

  191. Sandra Brower says:

    This would be great. Some smartphones you can breath on them and they get water damage!!

  192. cool

  193. Anita Jones says:

    quite a few of my friends could use this lol

  194. I have a bad habit of sticking my phone in my back pocket, and forgetting its there when I go to use the bathroom. I’ve almost lost it in the toilet a couple times that way, lol.

  195. Amber Terry says:

    I haven’t heard of this before now. Sounds like something that would be incredibly handy to have around.

  196. Stephanie O'Malley says:

    We had Asurion on all of our phone and decided when the monthly fee increase that between paying the fee and deductible we could just buy cheap replacement phones.

  197. heres my comment

  198. I dropped mine in the tub

  199. sarah oswald says:

    wonderful idea its a shame i didnt think of it!

  200. finally
    we needed this

  201. i need this

  202. Cheska E. Pagsanjan says:

    very informative !

  203. love it

  204. Would love to win the halogen oven!

  205. Cheska E. Pagsanjan says:

    very informative!

  206. chantal ronchetto says:

    I know so many people that could have used this. Definitely something to think about with the next phone.

  207. Eliza-Ligia says:

    I hate when that happens.

  208. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I cant count how many times we have dropped our phones in the toilet or lake! lol This would be a great help!

  209. Great innovation!

  210. Tara Liebing says:

    This would great to have I left my phone laying on the stairs once and my boyfriend stepped on it and it was broke. I had to buy a new one and that is expensive

  211. Robin Fortier says:

    wonderful item to help save a phone,,,my son drops won at least every 2 months in water or something like that

  212. Wonderful idea, wished I would’ve thought about it !!!!

  213. This would be so awesome .. I needed this a couple months ago when i dropped my bb in the kitchen sink

  214. stacey dempsey says:

    my teens are forever leaving their phones in their clothes and then putting them through the wash , I need to look into this

  215. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I think this is what we have for our phones. If it is, they’ve replaced a couple of phones for me too! :-)

  216. sounds like something I should invest in

  217. I once washed my cell phone. I always get insurance now.

  218. Brooke Nash says:

    They have come through for me quite a few times

  219. Ashley Wilds says:

    My daughter needs this !

  220. Georgette C says:

    Wow this is a great idea.

  221. Could have used this when my son dropped his in the loo!

  222. Georgette C says:

    Wow I could use one of those.

  223. Kristina A. says:

    This is a great idea! Also I’ve been seeing a lot of celebs and also people being filmed on reality shows talking on totally busted, cracked, smashed up iphones – which to me means there is a need for this service when rich people and people with access to limited services are even having this problem!

  224. Iโ€™ve had lots of friends ruin there phones one way or the other with water..what a great idea

  225. sara m ford says:

    very cool we sure could use this

  226. terri carney says:

    hopeing to win:)

  227. terri carney says:

    entered and hopin to win

  228. rebecca day says:

    my daughter would love these

  229. I think this is a great service and worth purchasing.

  230. Nice!

  231. rebecca day says:

    So great!! Need it!

  232. preventing a phone from water damage is a great idea. this product looks great, thanks for showing it to us.

  233. Monica Young says:

    Looks pretty neat, thanks for the review.

  234. This is a great idea

  235. Stefanie Gladden(ann lyfe) says:

    I really need this!!

  236. This would be cool to have especially with a toddler in the house.

  237. Megan Cromes says:

    i hope i win!;)thanks!;)

  238. Michelle Rosini says:

    I agree with some others that also think this feature should be built in :-)

  239. Sounds great would love it

  240. jamie braun says:

    I have dropped my phone in the toilet before & didn’t now it untill one of my friends went to the bathroom on it!! This would be great

  241. Lisa Brainer says:

    Would love one of these!

  242. Anmol agarwal says:

    its awesome

  243. they’re famous around here for taking their phones swimming! you’d think they’d learn!

  244. LeaAnna Gray says:

    I wish my iPhone was waterproof

  245. My son is a volunteer firefighter so he could really use this.

  246. Becky Bryant says:

    This would sure save us from lots of things happening that shouldn’t.

  247. tiffany bradley says:

    love it!

  248. Jackie Preas says:

    I’m still using my LG Chocolate so this phone would be a huge upgrade….lol.

  249. wish my phone had this feature

  250. agnes christiansen says:

    would love one of these

  251. Wendi Scharrer says:

    My daughter needs the Asurion. :) She kayaks and has dropped her phone in the river…several times! :)

  252. Patricia Williams says:

    My son was pushed into a pool with hospital phone in his jeans pocket. Expensive to replace we could used this.

  253. Ginger Furr says:

    This would be a great thing to have, especially with a house full and being the absentminded mom. We have 5 kids in the house. I have lost many phones to the toilet or bath. Kids have dropped them, lost them and colored them. Not to mention the torture I put them through.

  254. This is awesome!

  255. My son washed in the washing machine, his cell phone and iPod touch, it’s taken a few months but he finally got a new cell, alas the iPod touch is gone for good. This would be great protection to have. Thanks for pointing it out.

  256. Shan McBeth says:

    Asurion has definitely been a saving grace in my house. We go through so many phones.

  257. serena adkins says:

    Thank goodness Asurion Saves You from Mobile Mishaps

  258. april yedinak says:

    Sounds like a really good thing.

  259. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    Asurion has saved us many a headache!

  260. michelle king says:

    my hubby could use that

  261. Awesome!

  262. Lucky my phones have never got wet or cracked, wise to have protection.

  263. I wish I had invented this!

  264. kimberly velkovski says:


  265. Teresa Thompson says:

    Love this!

  266. LucassMomAgain says:

    my son loves to put things in water, so far my phone has been spared, but i could happen, would love this, lol

  267. Left a comment!

  268. I could of used this when I dropped my phone in my drink

  269. As the mother of a teen boy, this should be mandatory :)

  270. Deena Martin Bailey says:

    Major money saver!! Everyone needs this!!

  271. claudia anakaren tapia says:

    wow i dont know how many times i dropped my phone and the times i had to buy a new phone beacause i dropped it in water

  272. Ruth Buning says:

    Great Product, Wonderful Idea

  273. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    Have never had phone trouble but would

  274. I would love to have this my kids have dropped my phone in water before…was not fun

  275. I could use this more than my kids. I’m clumsy.

  276. I would love to have this my kids have dropped my phone in water before…

  277. I am not normally clumsy, but I have dropped my phone several times. Luckily not hard enough to crack it. This would definitely be useful.

  278. Aimee Fontenot says:

    I’ve never had an expensive phone yet to have to worry about such mishaps, but one day when I do, this will come in handy for sure.

  279. Leslie Harris says:


  280. not the toilet but have had them go thru the washer….I always tell everyone I wash your clothes, I don’t empty your pockets!

  281. Could have used this a few years ago when my sons phone went thru the wash!

  282. Great features I love it

  283. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    Would save a lot of money in the long run

  284. Sandra davis says:

    great to have. I always break my phone

  285. Diane Sallans says:

    Great idea for around the pool & at the beach!

  286. Jajajaja! I remember when my phone drop into a toilet! I am laughing now but I would have liked to know about Asurion in the past!

  287. Had that happen before- not fun!

  288. Diane Sallans says:

    the products are so expensive it’s great that there are tools to secure them

  289. Michelle.A. says:

    This is such a great idea. A must have.

  290. Karin Dollery says:

    Sounds like an awesome idea….My son dropped his phone in a pot of sidekicks he was cooking and 1 day later I dropped mine into my mug of coffee.

  291. Helen Grace Broqueza says:

    like this

  292. This would have been handy when my ex accidentally dropped my cellphone in the toilet.

  293. Karen Glatt says:

    This is a very good thing to have if the phone gets ruined and you have a mobile mishap then Asurion is there to help with this!

  294. Jasper Miguel says:


  295. Diane Vescio says:

    Great Idea (I love cell phones, can’t live w/o mine :)

  296. kelly gonzales says:

    sounds like a great deal to me :)

  297. kelly gonzales says:

    this looks like a great deal wooh hoo

  298. kelly gonzales says:

    this looks like a good deal to me

  299. Asurion sounds great! Hubby is always leaving items in his pockets and once it was his cell phone that was ruined in the wash. :-(

  300. Kimberly Lish says:

    I’m a mom with an adventurous boy so you’d think I was the one who could really use Asurion. Right? Wrong. My husband has dropped a phone, left a phone in a pool of water inside a golf cart, and shut a phone in the door of his truck bed. I’m pretty sure Asurion was made with him in mind. :)

  301. Rebecca Reed says:

    This is interesting.

  302. Rebecca Reed says:

    This is interesting. Maybe its something I need to look into.

  303. Rebecca Reed says:

    This is interesting. Maybe its something I need to look into. I’m just one of those that is skeptical of trying something new!

  304. This is great! Having a child has taught me the hard way that my electronics need extra insurance.

  305. Saved Me $$$$$

  306. Sharonda D. says:

    This is great! Having a child has taught me the hard way that I need extra insurance for my electronics.

  307. Ng Pei Fung says:

    Love it

  308. I really need this!

  309. Ng Pei Fung says:

    Love it!!!

  310. tammy dodson says:

    This would be great to have.

  311. I take pretty good care of my phone but my kids…UGH!!! A nightmare!

  312. barbara tryon says:

    I have had my cell phone lost then found then lost and uh oh! Don’t I drop it on a cement floor, seems like this always happen, I think its because we never want to put them down

  313. Cindi Starr says:

    Great prize.

  314. jeannemarie sunday says:

    my phone is going out and i would love to have this one as a new phone!

  315. Cynthia Brooks says:

    My daughter has an older generation ipod that her uncle gave to her. I would love to update her with something like this.

  316. Lisa Johnston says:

    What a great idea and money saving.

  317. Im leaving a comment

  318. Im leaving a comment. Thanks for the giveaway

  319. Sherry Fowler says:

    insurance is great to have on your cellphone

  320. Im leaving a comment. Thanks for the giveaway. La da da di da!

  321. laura moreland says:

    i love this phone wish i could afford one

  322. I drop my phone so much I’ve given up on trying to preserve them.

  323. So cool

  324. I had no idea there was anything like this! My husband needs that for sure.

  325. Very nice.

  326. January Bennett says:

    Waterproofing. Sounds absolutely amazing!

  327. Barbara Mayes says:

    Interesting information, I am looking for a new phone!

  328. Tiffany Banks says:

    This looks like an awesome deal!

  329. This would be perfect for my son, he manages to break every cell phone he touches.

  330. Patricia Mohl says:

    Great idea and what is it about kids and toilet water?

  331. I could really use a phone like this. I am always dropping my phone.

  332. Joannie sparks says:

    Hi i know this is a great idea everyone i know has drop their phone in water and ruined their phone, This is a great idea everyone needs this. thanks joannie

  333. Kelly Kendall says:

    My cell phone went in the toilet too and my digital camera went into the dogs water bowl….2 yr olds are so precious!!

  334. Very good

  335. norene walters says:

    I’ve washed my phone a couple times

  336. This would be great for all that baby slobber :)

  337. Barbara Stenby says:

    Ive put my phone done while watering the lawn and watered the phone also

  338. krista grandstaff says:

    This looks like it would be more than worth it to have!

  339. Kristie Betts says:

    Love i, I think everyone needs this

  340. Melissa kitley Potter says:


  341. We could use a couple of these at our house!

  342. shanta spradlin says:

    It would have been nice if I has this last month when my screen broke.

  343. michelle parker says:


  344. Shelly Brokaw says:

    We don’t own phones without it anymore. Lost too many phones to water and screen breaks.

  345. My mother and daughter both soaked there phones overnight within days of each other, lol. Wonder if this would have been up to that? lol.

  346. yep yep for sure a great idea many could use this

  347. Lori Obermark says:

    I know quite a few phones that met their untimely demise because they weren’t protected with one of these!

  348. Although I don’t have a cell phone, anyone who has one should make good use of Asurion. :-) Thank you.

  349. Love this!! Too funny about the toilet. Waterproof is great!! Especially when the wintery weather is on us!! Thanks for the great review.

  350. Ron Casteel says:

    My16yr old granddaughter fell in our swimming pool was walking around talking on the phone not paying attention and in she went this would have been nice to have thank you for the info

  351. Ashley Schein says:

    I could use one of these my 4 year old is always doing something to my phone

  352. I know a few people this would benefit on a regular basis! lol

  353. Aria Hillhouse says:

    I have made two claims recently with Asurion thru sprint and axex and it was easy, quick and no hassles. Was very pleased.

  354. ths product sounds amazing. I wish I had had this when I dropped my phone in the toilet many yrs ago.

  355. natasha hunter says:


  356. Renee Ballantyne says:

    I don’t know how many times I have left my mobile in my back pocket whilst going to the toilet and plop! in the toilet it goes

  357. sheila musselman askins says:

    this would so great to have…since i always seem to have some sorta ‘mishap’ with my phone…and so love that it does mention water damage..because those seem to be most of my mishaps lol thanks!

  358. michelle warner says:

    phone protection with kids is a must

  359. i now a girl who drop it in toilet and then her x took the phone busted it up that would be great for her

  360. Debbie Ellis says:

    My daughter needs this case, she can’t keep her cell phone out of water. lol

  361. Deborah Wallin says:

    we have had 2 phones get wet, but more damage comes from being dropped.

  362. Ashley Sully says:

    I use to work for Verizon…Asurion definitely came in handy for a lot of customers!

  363. could SO use this!!! Thanks!!

  364. melanie ramey says:

    that’s pretty cool!

  365. Angie Gatto says:

    My family really needs this.

  366. Juli Guthrie says:

    That is great! 3 boys, and the only person who has dropped a phone in a body of water is my husband!

  367. trista doerfer says:

    I am always dropping my phone. i have cracked the screen twice already. this would be great to have.

  368. Caroline Wampler says:

    Most plans don’t cover water damage…this is great that this does!! My husband jumped in the pool with his phone in his pocket so we already experienced the stress of that this summer!

  369. Danielle Ring says:

    I don’t have a cell phone (I know, I’m a freak!) so this wouldn’t help me but this sounds great for everyone else!

  370. a friend not only dropped her phone in the toilet, but it happened to be just as she flushed and all she could do was watch it go down…

  371. my grandson is the worse when it comes to dropping his

  372. Seriously, I’ve washed at least 3 cell phones…NOT MINE, but for some reason my fiance can’t figure out that I’m not his mom and won’t go through his pockets! LOL

  373. this is such a good idea to have!

  374. Handy. We spend so much on technology, makes sense to protect it!

  375. Great technology, would be nice to win

  376. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says:

    Great for hot tub mishaps

  377. Jen Rodrigues says:

    I dropped my phone once and boy did I learn my lesson. I almost lost my phone.

  378. Joan Troche says:

    I needed this back when I took a tumble with my phone into a pond!

  379. Judy Gregory says:

    if only they could make a phone that came when you whistled for it. at 50+ damage is less a concern than a senior moment “what phone? where?”

  380. Judy Gregory says:

    at 50+ years damage is less a concern than “where is it?” so if someone could make a phone that came when you whistled

  381. would love to win this

  382. This is GROSS but, Reality! I NEVER put my phone in my pocket and just by a fluke this one day I did. It was my back pocket, Well I had to tinkle really badly and “PLUNK” was all I heard my phone flew outta my pocket into the commode!!!!! MAN… I wish I would have had this then…I just keep thinking of the possibilities with this item. I know I would get great use from it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  383. cool

  384. Ellen Levickis says:

    these mishaps sound so easy to have happened

  385. Iโ€™ve had lots of friends ruin there phones one way or the other with water.

  386. Carolyn A Colley says:

    this is nice, I would love to have one

  387. Paula Wiltsey says:

    This sure would save money on buying new phones!!

  388. Lindsey Roberts says:

    I am one of the most accident cellphone prone woman in the world, just like it says!! This is the perfect thing for not only myself, but for the whole fam as well!!

  389. Christina S says:

    Wouldnt mind a phone like this !

  390. Seyma Shabbir says:

    This would have been handy a few years back when I got my phone soaked!

  391. Asurion is in Nashville where I live! I always wanted to know what they did but now I know!

  392. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says:

    Interesting…how much is it?

  393. I can’t even begin to tell you how many phones have been “lost” to toilets, washing machines, creeks, and stair cases!!! Teenagers……..

  394. This is a great idea. I wish i had this when i dropped my phone in my big cup of water. Still not sure how that happened.

  395. Susan Smith says:

    Sounds great, I just dropped my phone into the pool

  396. Susan Marina Brown Lane says:

    My phone was on top of the microwave while I was doing dishes. I knocked it off into a sink full of water. Instant death. =(

  397. Samantha Kuiper says:

    I could really use this for my phone!

  398. Wow! Seems like they thought of everything!

  399. I’ve washed a few phones, left mine on the back of the car after putting groceries in the trunk, just days after buying it. This would be great to have. I use a prepaid phone service so I don’t get discounts on phones like they do if you start a plan.

  400. bill elliott says:

    Great job Asurion, finally a phone my Grandchildren can;t destroy in the swimming pool

  401. juanita may says:

    my granddaughter threw my phone in the tub and fried it.

  402. awsome! :)

  403. Miranda Welle says:

    Definitely a MUST have in today’s world! We all have phones!

  404. I like that they include water damage. Every phone mishap that I’ve ever had has been with liquids of some kind. And they’re never covered. My provider even has a little dot sticker on the inside of the phone that changes color when it comes into contact with water. So, they open your phone to check the dot and if the color is changed, bam, you’re not covered. Why am I paying them every month for a service plan?

  405. I definitely need something like this with my daughters!

  406. This phone looks awesome!! I wish I had one a few months back when my husband dropped my phone in a pool!! :( lol

  407. Krystal Gill says:

    amazing. love it

  408. This would have been nice when my son dropped his in the toilet, ugh that boy I swear.

  409. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says:

    Interesting…how much is this?

  410. Heather Jonny says:

    I am so horrible for dropping my phone in water!!

  411. Great idea for all of us clumsy people!!

  412. Finally….the feature of the future :)

  413. Amber Cavalier says:

    I have a 13 month old, and she always think she has to play with my phone, lets say a sippy cup isnt always “spill proof”..

  414. Finally….the feature of the future :)

    Lyndsey.rullman at Hotmail Dot com

  415. Abby Grimes says:


  416. shirley zolenski says:

    I dropped mine in the lake. We didn’t even bother to try and get it once it hit the water

  417. My family could really use this!

  418. Megan Runge says:

    I wouldnt mind trying this phone I am partial to the IPhone since I have one now after my Samsung was run over but I am always open to different phones

  419. lisa Bromley says:


  420. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    Asurion sounds great – I think we all probably need it. I have dropped my phone in the toilet, dropped it outside in the rain, and knocked it into a sink full of water. The cat knocked a glass of water over onto my phone and fried it. My daughter is even worse. She also has run over her phone and even lost it out in a cow pasture but by the time she found it – let’s just say cows are not careful where they step.

  421. Andrea Seidel says:

    I always have my phone in my back pocket… And when I go to the bathroom, it tends to fall out, you’d think I’d remember. This sounds perfect for me.

  422. Melanie Morin says:

    I really wish I had that on my phone… I never had any incident with water yet but as clumsy as I am I’m afraid it will happen someday.

  423. Maria Isabel says:

    Amazing gadget! :) Love to have it!:)

  424. Carolyn A Colley says:

    my son would love this

  425. Chico Alvarado says:

    used them for years

  426. Crystal Irvin says:

    really looks neat

  427. What an awesome phone!

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  428. Ellen Levickis says:

    I could sure use the protection

  429. Samara Overturff says:

    I would love this phone! I’ve never dropped my phone in water, but I could see it happening.

  430. Thomas Murphy says:

    I need to get this, i’m always breaking my phone.

  431. Shelia Garrett says:

    interesting and great idea.

  432. My 9 month old is always trying to grab my phone, she also likes to throw it. It would be very helpful to have this!

  433. Michelle Moore says:

    I always carry this

  434. Saves you money and is good to have.

  435. Love it!

  436. Wish I knew about this sooner. I have to buy insurance on my phones because something terrible always seems to happen :/ lol

  437. Ronda Wolter says:

    Would be great!

  438. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I need to get this protection.I m a klutz as is 2 of my 4 kids lol.

  439. The water test has been done frequently with mobile devices. My mother has done it twice. Another neighbor has tried it once.

  440. This is neat!

  441. Stacey Roberson says:

    What a great plan to have! My daughter dropped her cell phone in the toilet a few days ago. Fortunately, she let it dry out and all was well =)

  442. I love all your mishap stories. Mine fell in the toilet but it was my fault. I’d love for the cell phone company I’m on to give me a new phone if my new one gets wet.

  443. Chev Sopkin says:

    Four times? Wow! I’ve had it happen twice & that’s felt like enough!

  444. Valerie Cowger says:

    I think this is an insurance plan that might actually be worth paying for :)

  445. Great phone to have if you’re prone to accidents.

  446. I’m hesitant – most protecti plans cost more than replacing the phone yourself over a year’s time.

  447. Terri K (@tkharmonic) says:

    So it’s mobile data protection plus product replacement? Yes, it’s like insurance only much less expensive than auto/home insurance.

  448. Phone in the toilet is not fun!

  449. toilet or any water meeting the phone is no fun

  450. Mr Thomas Ticknor says:

    would have been great when I dropped my phone in the ocean.

  451. Alice Zastoupil says:

    I have lost many phones due to water mishaps. This looks intriguing

  452. Ive dropped my shares of phones in the toilet….. No fun at all….. Now that i have an iphone, i bought an expensive waterproof ce.. Totally worth it

  453. Marta Vieira says:

    great :)

  454. Brian Smith says:

    I, too, have washed a phone. It wasn’t pretty…glad I’m not the only one :)

  455. Jelisa Sails says:

    I am super clumsy so water proof is beneficial.

  456. My husband loves to send his small electronics through the wash. Or drop them and break them. I can’t tell you ho many iPods he has been through in the last 3 or 4 years. WAY too many! This might be something he should look into!

  457. stephanie h says:

    My hubby and I both have Asurion insurance for our phones. It would be way to expensive to replace the phones if we did not! :-)

  458. I have butter fingers i am always dropping my cell and breaking it an i have washed my husband a few times I do not look in the pockets

  459. Michelle E Dunne says:

    Great post, I need to show this to my clumsy husband! :)

  460. Andrea Byrne says:

    this is perfect for me! i have a case of butter fingers, and i drop everything!

  461. Shannon Goldschmidt says:

    I think this is awesome. We have had our phones ruined by water more than once. One time we stopped by someones house just for a few minutes so my partner could go talk to the person. Well it had been raining and I accidentally dropped my cell phone in the truck but it fell down between my seat and the door. I could not see it or get it. So when we got to this persons house, I opened the truck door to find my phone and when I did… it fell out of the truck and landed in a big puddle of rain water. It was right there at the curb and had been a very heavy rainfall so a lot of rain collected right where my phone had fallen.

  462. Teresa Thompson says:

    My granddaughter dropped mine in the dogs water bowl.

  463. I would love to have one of those phones cause Lord know’s mine has been through heck

  464. Waterproof has to be the BEST development!!!

  465. Ellen Anthony says:

    What a great idea!! I’m sure alot of us have gotten our phones wet and ruined them.

  466. Love the waterproof!

  467. Luckily my kids have never dunked my phone in water. I guess they figured I did a good enough job on my own! lol

  468. This would be great to have! I am always worrying about my iphone!

  469. So cool!

  470. I love waterproof electronics!

  471. ever since i got my new phone i let my son play with my old one.i actually use asurion phone insurance, you still have to pay if your phone is lost or damaged, i think my co-pay is around $135, which is cheaper than having to pay for my phone outright

  472. monica dillon says:

    i am a mop

  473. I believe it…that it saves lives. It can be dangerous and everyone should take precautions like this.

  474. this would be great for my son in law who loves to drop his in the lake when fishing

  475. sonya mackay says:

    great and finally got to the bottom of the page lol

  476. Summer Boyce says:


  477. Wendy Shepherd says:

    That why i always put my phone up high so my daughter wont get it!!!!!!

  478. Shelley Bryan says:

    This would be perfect for parents of teenagers…..and also for the accident-prone :)

  479. I just lost my phone to the toilet last month thanks to my 3 year old. This would be nice to have.

  480. Brandi Price says:

    Glad we have this for my hubby’s phone as he works around water all day! LOL

  481. Casandra C. says:

    Super cool!! I wonder if they cover mobile tablets also.

  482. I have done this in the ocean not good

  483. This is great. Most phone companies don’t cover water damage-or in my brother-in-law’s case, coke damage.

  484. Thanks for this information….cell phones can be very pricey to replace!

  485. kristi walker says:

    sounds beneficial for those with smartphones.

  486. very useful. just realised it after dropping my phone in a puddle!:(

  487. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    great wish I had the o=patent

  488. thank goodness I’m fairly good w/ my phone. Only a few drops. :)

  489. krystal wethington says:

    thanks for this giveaway

  490. Would love to have one!

  491. Sheila Vives says:

    Always important to have protection insurance for all of your tech devices.

  492. I lost mine during a move.

  493. I need 10!

  494. Anita Leibert says:

    Sounds like a great feature to have if you’ve got young kids around!

  495. Anything waterproof is awesome!

  496. I have Assurion just in case anything bad happens to my phone!

  497. Chrissy Nestor says:

    Great product!

  498. Never knew about this coverage. Cool!

  499. amazing service!! I currently carry asurion on my phone for insurance coverage and had to recently replace my phone.. they were quick and easy!!! I would have been lost w/o them!! so ty ty ty Asurion!!

  500. nannypanpan says:


  501. susan smoaks says:

    this would really come in handy i am a klutz

  502. asurion saved me!! I love this insurance.. fast affordable and reliable!!

  503. Jamie Staniford says:

    jamie was here

  504. Shelley Bryan says:

    This would be perfect for those with teenagers or for anyone who is accident-prone.

  505. just the usual drop n smash

  506. joanne major says:

    love photo wish mine was waterproof

  507. My cell phone case is cracked and getting it wet is probably inevitable.

  508. Touch wood…I have never done the “water” or “smash” to my phone, but I do know a couple of people that this would be a Wonderful addition to their plan.

  509. Angela Castle says:

    waterproof would be awesome have washed a couple of phones.

  510. christal c w says:

    This would work for our household, My oldest daughter has been through 5 phones is less than years

  511. christina barnes says:

    love this!

  512. Melissa Tanner Keller says:

    I drop my phone all the time.

  513. I’ve dropped my phone in soda before and this would have helped.

  514. Alexandra Roach says:

    This is awesome!

  515. Michael W Perkins says:

    We could really use that around the pool, the wife & boy go all the time.

  516. Sherry Compton says:

    There are so many ways your phone can somehow come into contact with water. I know that my daughter-in-law has found that out the hard way. What a great way this is to take your phone safely to the beach or pool besides just the everyday.

  517. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    very cool!!

  518. cool

  519. Veronica De Luna says:

    I agree that having this definitely helps especially when you have a husband that is very clumsy and is always dropping his phone.

  520. My son ruined a phone of mine by drooling on it when he was teething. This product would have been wonderful to have then.

  521. thanks for sharing have never seen this before…

  522. rick sawyer says:

    cousin cracked her screen on the beach

  523. This would be great to have in case I ever drop my phone.

  524. Christine Watts says:

    This would be wonderful to have on any of the phones in our house. My husband and teen are very hard on any electronics they have, and I’m accident prone, and have a 1 year old.

  525. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    This is so worth it! I just had to use it to replace my phone, was so easy :)

  526. When you add monthly cost and deductible would be better just to put that amount in savings every month.

  527. Kellie Conklin says:

    Love this! I am always so fearful of something happening to my phone, especially since I know my case and screen protector won’t protect from everything! Thanks for the information!

  528. Angela Reed-Warren says:

    Great idea..wish I would have thought of it.

  529. Barbie Anne Fajardo says:

    Awesome Phone! I can’t wait to have one

  530. Jennifer Ramlet says:


  531. Tanya White says:

    I could’ve Used this when I dropped my phone in the toilet :(

  532. jenny at dapperhouse says:

    Good idea! Didn’t know this company existed – Thanks!!!

  533. Evelyne Walls says:

    Looks great

  534. Erica Barnes says:

    I haven’t had any major disasters with mine except for dropping it several times, but one of my coworkers could have used Asurion when he accidentally dropped his phone into a pitcher of cranberry juice at work one day!

  535. Great idea!

  536. Richard Hicks says:

    We have had too many mishaps and need to get insurance!

  537. I need waterproof!

  538. Such a life saver with kids!

  539. michelle moss says:

    love the phone!!! thanks for sharing

  540. Saranne Murray says:

    this sounds like a great deal

  541. Poor mommies and their gadgets.

  542. Angela Norman says:

    Leaving a comment :)

  543. lisa phillips(Golden Storm) says:


  544. Thanks for the Xbox giveaway.

  545. Joanne Gentry says:

    I feel your pain…never in the toilet, but there was a cup of coffee once…I’ll never balance my phone on top of a coffee mug to open a door again! Wish I had this!

  546. jessica blackburn says:

    I could have used this a few times!!

  547. KIMBERLY DAVIS says:


  548. Fern Lehmann says:

    This is an awesome product!

  549. I have had a phone through verizon and had Asurion. Good thing to have.

  550. Jessica Dunn says:

    Great idea.

  551. Same here didn’t check my boyfriends pockets and washed his phone.

  552. I like this. Could have used it when I dropped my phone down three flights of stairs.

  553. Christina Schmidt says:

    This is great cause clutzy me always drops her phone on the screen


  555. Michelle Spayde says:

    Nice! I’m the Queen of phone mishaps!

  556. Elizabeth L. Williams says:

    This looks awesome! My husband does a lot of outside work, and has even cracked his otter box. I would love to get him one of these!!

  557. Hope I never have to use it, but I have Asurion.

  558. Brooke Bumgardner says:

    Awesome, I love that there is another option than insurance through the phone provider.

  559. I think these are neat.

  560. Kayla Gaddis says:

    Ah the toilet. I think everyone has fallen victim to the phone-eating porcelain king.

  561. I’ve dropped both mine and my boyfriend’s phone in the toilet and I’ve also dropped it in a puddle and chucked one at a door! I am a phone’s worst nightmare!

  562. Kelly Blouse says:

    Oh I need this!

  563. julie hawkins says:

    I have lost my phone twice this year

  564. this would have been great for when I put my phone in my cup of water accidentally while driving. That was a huge scare!

  565. Great idea!

  566. Don’t drink and chat!!

  567. I’ve dropped my phone before and broken it in half.

  568. I have destroyed two phones. I left one on top of the car while out grocery shopping and spilled olive juice on another one. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a replacement plan.

  569. I have destroyed two phones. I left one on top of the car while grocery shopping and spilled olive juice on another one. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a replacement plan.

  570. Awesome!

  571. This is interesting. I’m going to have to look further into this.

  572. michelle swank says:

    I’ve lost track of how many phones I’ve had to replace due to water damage, including iphones. :( I’d love this!

  573. michelle swank says:

    i totally need one of those. i’ve lost two iphones alone due to water damage!

  574. I like the idea of mobile device insurange

  575. Serena Adkins says:

    That big adventure #2 happened to me one time as well and I was so mad and upset, but you live and you learn from your mistakes.

  576. After my son dropped my phone in the toilet, I learned the hard way that I should have got some type of insurance :/

  577. waterproof phone? that would be amazing!

  578. Kemberley Crosswhite says:

    great review! i can totally relate to the stories:)

  579. Ruth Reynolds says:

    wish i had coverage like that

  580. Terri Moore says:

    This would give me peace of mind, cell phones are such a necessity. thank you!

  581. Richard Gholson says:

    I saw my friend wesley’s phone break like this wehen he was climbing to take a cell phone picture of a group of baby birds and he dropped it and the screen broke into many many shards lol

  582. Awesome

  583. I’m always spilling something on my phone

  584. Awesome love this site

  585. Monica Wilinski says:

    Good info – very interesting!

  586. Terry Young says:

    This is awesome technology for smart phones.

  587. I’ve done the “washed the phone in the laundry” thing – not fun. It would have been nice to have it covered.

  588. vanessa richard says:

    i already have a water resistant phone and its instructable so far and my son plays with it and hes 10 almost 11 months old

  589. michelle parker says:

    cool i need this

  590. shanon hyatt says:

    Wow-sounds like your the queen of cellphone mishaps-but it looks like now you got the right thing going for you with “The complete Asurion protection package.” I really like the fact that it’s water proof-which answers my first question. My husband has lost so many cell phones from mud puddles, rain and water from working out in the construction work world-now if I could just teach him to “not” put it in his front pocket because every time he bends down to work on foundation -you can bet it ends up in the water. Thanks for sharing this post.

  591. michelle parker says:

    i need one of these

  592. renee walters says:

    I have never seen this.

  593. It’s crazy how lost you feel when your phone is out of commission… and the tme it takes to get the new seems inevitable!!

  594. This is very interesting. Thanks for info!

  595. This is very interesting. Thanks for info! Insurance was always so expensive never was worth it to get.

  596. This is very interesting. Thanks for info! Insurance was always so expensive never was worth it to get. This is interesting ….I’m getting an error message to my post. “There was an error posting your comment. Maybe it was too short?”
    Never had this happen before and I noticed one and two word comments. Hummm.

  597. I could use this since this is my only phone with no insurance!!! They told me the wrong information on how to get insurance and when I got the right information it was after the month I had to get it -_- ugh!

  598. wow that would sux to drop it in the toilet and it not be able to work any more! ( I COMMENTED LOL )

  599. pamela adams says:

    i need a water proof phone,I have a bad habit of talking on the phone while doing dishes and have came close to dropin it several times.

  600. I need something like this lol

  601. I don’t have a cell so not for me.

  602. Marilena Kat says:


  603. The beauties of trying to maintain order and keep a cell phone. Glad there’s help for that now.

  604. The beauties of trying to maintain order and keep a cell phone. Glad there’s help for that now. Maybe now, I will upgrade my phone.

  605. Shannon Dewease says:

    Never had any problems hanging on to cheap phones, HOWEVER, as soon as I splurge on the “good” stuff, can’t seem to keep it in my hands!! (Toilet has been a problem for me, as well!)

  606. Tina Humphrey says:

    My daughter dropped her phone in the toilet once! How? Who knows? Just last week she dropped one & smashed the screen. She definitely needs protection!

  607. Marti Parks says:

    My son dropped his phone in the toilet one time. Eeeewww!

  608. I dropped my HUSBAND’S phone into a port-a-potty. Needless to say… I didn’t try a rescue attempt.

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  609. Kelli Matthews says:

    This would awesome I don’t know how many times my son has spilled one thing or another on my phone. lol

  610. Andrew Adamson says:


  611. Chasity Doris says:

    I could definitely use this. I can’t tell you the number of phones that my husband and I have went through in the last 7 years

  612. Cindi Decker says:

    Great feature – I’ve never dropped my phone in the toilet yet, but always afraid it might happen!

  613. We have this insurance on 2 of our phones – the ones that belong to those prone to accidents!

  614. karen coker says:

    I have had so many of these things happen to my cell

  615. Angie Gatto says:

    Could definitely use this for my family. We go through too many phones from one accident or another.

  616. Such a clever little item!

  617. Debbie Ellis says:

    Really like the covers.

  618. always smart to take the insurance

  619. I could soo use this my phone is dying lol

  620. Lalita Malone says:

    Sounds like a goodles idea.

  621. Lalita Malone says:

    Sounds like a goodles idea to me.

  622. Lalita Malone says:

    It sounds like a good idea to me.

  623. Lame!

  624. diane welburn says:

    i think it is a good idea! I have dropped several phones in a bucket, puddle, and sink full of soap. lol

  625. very cool feature for a phone,thanks for telling us about it!

  626. my friend is forever using the restroom and her phone drops on the toilet.the yucky thing is she gets it out.,ewwwwwwwwwwwwww she couold really use this

  627. Cool, My mom needs this. I swear she looses a phone to water at least once a year.

  628. There were so many times I could’ve used it!

  629. This looks totally remarkable….wish I’d had it years ago :) thanks for teh great info!

  630. That would be nice to have. My phone fall in the pool :(

  631. Angela Cash says:

    Word to the wise: A Motorola Razr cannot survive a swim in the toilet!

  632. carren larsen says:

    Have lost a few phones due to water damage and one from coffee damage

  633. I’d hate to have to spend money on a new phone before my contract is up!!

  634. I really need to find out if they have one to fit my phone. Every phone I have had has met a watery death so this may be very helpful.

  635. Sue Ellison says:

    I need this, I’m guilty of washing my husband’s phone and my son had a 16# shot put dropped on his cell during a track meet.

  636. Sue Ellison says:

    I need this, I’m guilty of washing my husband’s phone and my son had 16# shot put dropped on his cell at a track meet.

  637. Anna Johnson says:

    would love to have!

  638. joanne gentry says:

    I think we all could have used this at one time or another, know I could :)

  639. My friend’s phone got wet when a wave came up too far at the beach.

  640. Not a good place to find a mobile phone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  641. coooooooool

  642. wow, this would be fantastic for my family. We have 6 phones and 4 of them belong to our kids. My 18 year old is the worst with her phone. lol

  643. Cheryl Bielich says:

    water proof, you have my attention now….

  644. monica sexton says:

    Never heard of this product before. I gotta check it out.

  645. Wendi Scharrer says:

    I do not have a cell phone. However, I know many people that do and most of them could use the Asurin. :)

  646. Heather Castle says:

    Love the site.

  647. This woulda been good for when I left my 3 week old iPhone on my bumper and took it for a drive!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  648. Ruth Naylor says:

    Yeah, really needed this last year! I had my phone in my hand and set it down on the seat of the car to buckle my child in. I was having a little trouble, so I propped my leg on the seat…right on my phone! Crack!!

  649. Ruth Naylor says:

    Yeah, I needed this about a year ago! I had my phone in hand and set it down on the seat of the car to buckle my child in his seat. I was having trouble, so I propped my leg up on the seat…right on my phone! Crack!!

  650. Man, with 2 toddlers …I could soooo use this. lol

  651. definitely need this for my iphone

  652. Lizaura German says:

    Waterproof? I’ll take 3 :)

  653. Very cool!

  654. Brandi Justice says:

    With all the new smart phones with touch screens i’ve used this awesome service more than once!

  655. If/when I decide to get a cell phone again, I might have to look into this.

  656. This would be good to have.

  657. LaDonna McCrimon says:

    I need one these ASAP. That is if they are waterproof! Lol.

  658. Katie Pederson says:

    I like that it has a locate function.

  659. jodi bradshaw says:

    waterproof is a must-have!!

  660. Ruben Ramos says:

    Note: Never stand near a pool, with a non water proof phone

  661. michelle murray says:

    My husband could really use this. Think we may have to order one. thanks for the awesome review!

  662. allyson tice says:

    i drop mine in soda all the time!!

  663. Tiffany Christie says:

    I could really use something like this to protect my phone!

  664. Ever since my son dropped his phone in a puddle 10yrs ago and we had no insurance on it I never have gone without it since it has saved me a lot of money

  665. Love it!

  666. Marla Bland says:

    My daughter seems to be able to break anything electronic in a week or less. She has dropped her phone in the toilet and sent it through the wash among other things!

  667. Brutus Duffy says:

    If I had a phone this would interest me.

  668. Cindi Decker says:

    Thanks for the review – I need this!

  669. i think we could all use this!

  670. I think we all can relate to the toilet and throwing things in the wash incidents! Nice plan

  671. Christopher Wetmore says:

    Looks like a very good plan. Cell’s are fragile beasts. I’m kind of lucky, mine is the most basic candy bar type.

  672. PinkySwayers says:

    You’re funny! You should do a commercial for Asurion!

  673. jules mcnubbin says:

    ive drowned 2 phones, would love to have this lol

  674. heather howard says:

    I lost mine in a public toilet one day, right at Christmas time. Come to find out that if I would have put it in a bag of rice for a few days that it wouldve dried out and started working again.

  675. I love this!

  676. kathy pease says:

    yes my daughter has dropped her phone in the toilet not once but twice..its very discouraging..this sounds great!

  677. Kelly McDaniel says:

    I have a bad habit of talking on the phone while im doing my dishes!

  678. Richard Hicks says:

    4 accidents! YIKES! we had one fall into the toilet once!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  679. Debbie Ellis says:

    that is just what my Grand daughter needs is a waterproof phone.

  680. Cassidie Harris says:

    Know a couple of people that could use this, super cool.

  681. ryan bartlett says:


  682. i love this i have it threw t-mobile

  683. Wendy Claborn says:

    this is interesting

  684. Susan Vanhoose says:

    Dropped mine in a cup of coffee one time.

  685. My phone was dropped into a toilet before yuck…

  686. It sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  687. Stephanie Thompson says:

    Moms around the world have needed a waterproof phone for a very long time, as well as Gmas too! Will be checking into getting one of these myself.

  688. i want one

  689. nice!

  690. A lifesaver for text fiends ๐Ÿ˜›

  691. Samantha Meyer says:

    I totally need this. You wouldn’t believe how many phones I have been through…

  692. Jennifer Harriman says:

    having something that will replace your phone even due to water damage would be perfect!

  693. i am always losing my cell this would be great to be able to find it

  694. I fell on a boat ramp and it ruined the cellphone in my pocket. I needed an Asurion that day.

  695. I’ve never had a mishap with my phone that couldn’t be fixed, thank goodness.

  696. Tanya White says:

    I need Asurion, I always have a cell phone mIshap!

  697. This would have been very helpful when I dropped my phone in the footbath while getting a pedicure summer before last. :(

  698. Courtney Wigley says:

    I could have used this when I dropped my phone in my coffee mug last year!

  699. Brad Merrell says:

    All phones really should be waterproof.

  700. I could see myself using this, I’ve had a mishap or 20.


  701. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    I don’t have a cell phone, but if I did I would probably think about this.

  702. susan smoaks says:

    i would be lost without my phone

  703. Great idea! I am so clumsy with my phone!

  704. Susan Marina Brown Lane says:

    If my old phone could walk on water, it would still be alive today! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  705. Crystal Irvin says:

    I’m forever dropping mine!!!

  706. jamie tucker says:

    im so accident prone if this could help me out it would be a blessing

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

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