Modern, Green Parenting with the AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper System #ClothDiaperHop

Modern, Green Parenting with the AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper System #ClothDiaperHop
Modern, Green Parenting with the AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper System #ClothDiaperHop
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Mother’s Day is almost here and we are celebrating with our love for cloth diapers!

Welcome to the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Daily Mothering! Nearly 100 blogs have linked up to bring you dozens and dozens of exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter my giveaway below and then hop to the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post to enter their fluffy giveaways too! Each blog has a cloth diaper prize valued at $15 or more, and many blogs have prize packs worth over $100. And, don’t forget to enter the GRAND PRIZE giveaway at Daily Mothering for your chance to win this amazing $1300 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack!

Mom to Bed by 8, the Iowa-Mom is proud to present our Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop sponsor AppleCheeks!

Throw away your preconceived notions. Ignore your skeptical peers. These are NOT your grandmother’s cloth diapers.We are AppleCheeks, a breakthrough in reusable diapering. This is a paradigm shift. Thought you knew what reusable diapering was all about? Think again.

Here comes AppleCheeks!

New advances in textile technology allow for amazingly trim fitting washable diapers that unstuff by themselves in the wash! Gone are the days of bulky plastic pants and saggy, wet bottoms. Pins and Snappis are a thing of the past. AppleCheeks cloth diapers bring you the ultimate in form and function, combining effective leak control with attractive styling. Imagine a dry bottom that actually looks good! Who knew?

AppleCheeks reusable diapers come with full customer support, so you can invest in your child’s future knowing that we stand behind you.

AppleCheeks cloth diapering products are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


What makes AppleCheeks cloth diapers unique from any already existing product on the market, you ask? Firstly, AppleCheeks comes with a three-pronged approach to customer service. Each diaper comes with complete washing instructions, downloadable here, which clearly illustrate the optimal method of care for your AppleCheeks cloth products.

All AppleCheeks cloth diapers and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their diapers fit a larger range of babies than similar products on the market, and stand up better to the rigours of the washing cycle. They are fully customizable and can be used as a diaper cover over our viscose from bamboo inserts, with boosters for added absorbency if so desired, and fleece liners to keep baby’s skin dry and rash-free. Alternately, the handy, wide envelope opening allows you the option of placing your absorbency underneath the microfleece lining, wicking moisture away from baby’s skin and keeping him feeling nice and dry while still absorbing to the max! So many options in one diapering system!

AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Covers also fit nicely over a wide variety of fitted diapers. With the AppleCheeks system you will get less leaks and a much trimmer fit than with using fitted cloth diapers.

AppleCheeks covers feature a unique envelope design, similar to a pocket diaper, but with NO NEED TO UNSTUFF. The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!

What the Momma thinks……

Introducing Applecheeks to my cloth stash was like adding a fully equip suv in the same drive as a selection of used, compact cars. Seriously it is like the Cadillac of cloth diapers. AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cover provides a soft layer against baby’s sensitive skin and seriously tough outer barrier against leaks. Wait did I mention they come in the boldest, brightest colors around? Seriously the AppleCheek color selection is hip and fashionable. During the summer, apply a tee and go!

While I was falling in love with the super easy stuff-ability of the 2-Size Envelope Cover and perfect sized fit on my little E, I nearly forgot about the AppleCheeks Disposable, Flushable Diaper Liners I still needed to add to my dipe routine. I will say once you go AppleCheeks disposable liner, it is hard to go back. Now I did not like using them all day as they seemed to redden my guys skin, especially on warm days. They are a must have if your baby is on a poop schedule which E was for a long time. I would cloth him in the morning and then after breakfast do the lined cloth until the deed was done. Take the stinky diaper to the toilet and pop out the liner. Most of the time, it left no visible mess at all. The AppleCheeks Disposable, Flushable Diaper Liners made washing much easier as well (less staining).

All in all AppleCheeks made their way into our stash and continue to bring to this day to bring a smile to my face!


Giveaway ends on May 12 at 11:59PM EST. Open to the US and Canadian residents only. Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible.

To enter to win a $25CAD AppleCheeks Gift Credit please use the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I receive sample(s) free of charge from AppleCheeks for purpose of testing and review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Please view our disclosure policy if you have any questions. Mom to Bed by 8 is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Enter additional Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Hop giveaways below:

By Teri
Teri Hardy is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined as well as the founder of Mom Powered Media. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She loves to write, doodle & go, go, go. Control freak, master multi-tasker and shopaholic. Ms. Hardy has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.


  1. I would put the gift card towards a Starter Kit. Thanks!

  2. I would buy a Purple Rain diaper

  3. I would buy an Envelope Cover in St. Lucia!

  4. I’d get a little bundle in either the Purple Rain or Wild Child

  5. I think I might get the plush wipes – for our kids.

  6. The purple rain

  7. Absolutely love my applecheeks! Would love to have more!.

  8. I would like to try the gentle wipe solution and maybe some liners.

  9. I would get a little bundle in Appletini!

  10. I would probably get a cover.

  11. I would buy a Purple Rain cover.

  12. Cover in rassberry sorbet!

  13. i would get a rain cover

  14. The swim diapers would be useful!

  15. I would get the Purple Rain diaper cover

  16. I would buy the swim diaper, because my daughter is in the pool pretty much every day and I hate to be using so many disposable swim diapers!

  17. I would buy an Envelope Cover in St. Lucia
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  18. I would buy an Envelope Cover in St. Lucia

  19. I would purchase the starter kit

  20. I didn’t see prices, but I would probably buy some plush wipes, and see if there was any money left over to use towards something else.

  21. I’d get an envelope cover in sz 1 and some inserts

  22. I would get the starter kit!

  23. I would really like to try the washable swim diapers

  24. I think i would get disposable liners and maybe look at a swim diaper

  25. I would buy AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution if I get the GC. I plan to use cloth wipes and didn’t decide which solution I will go with yet. So it will be good to try those.

  26. I will get AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution.. I plan to use the cloth wipe and didn’t decide which solution I will go with yet.

  27. I would get the ST Lucia Little Bundle with a bamboo insert

  28. i’d get cover in ‘wild child’

  29. I would love one of their Wild Child print diapers!

  30. I like the Applecheeks delicious diaper

  31. I’d get Appletini or Wild Child.

  32. I actually am starting to try to find a good swim diaper. :)

  33. I’d get a swim diaper in Mojito

  34. I would get the starter kit

  35. I’d get a bamboo applecheeks diaper!

  36. I would get a swim diaper.

  37. Appelitini Little bundle!

  38. an envelope cover in size 2!

  39. I’ve never had a swim diaper and this might be the year to start as I’m going to be very pregnant in the summer with #4!

  40. I’d buy a Little Bundle in Size 2!

  41. I would put it towards a starter kit.

  42. i need some wipes and inserts

  43. i would get either the purple rain cover, or the dark chocolate cover!

  44. I would love to get a Little Bundle Package in size 2 in the Raspberry Sorbet color!! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  45. i would get wild child in size 2

  46. nursing pads

  47. I would get a wild child in size

  48. I would get a wild child in size 1

  49. I would get a St. Lucia diaper!

  50. I’d pick a delicious or wild child little bundle.

  51. I would buy a delicious envelope cover in size 1

  52. I would buy the AppleCheeks – Wild Child!

  53. I would choose a Wild Child!

  54. An Apple Cheeks diapie, of course!

  55. A cute envelope cover in size 1 probably for baby #2. :)

  56. AppleCheeks Bamboo Wipes

  57. wild child!

  58. a diaper and inserts!

  59. I would buy a delicious envelope cover in size 2.

  60. I would buy an applecheeks cover size 1 in the Wild Child print.

  61. I would definitely get a swim diaper! I have heard nothing but rave reviews about AC swim diapers!

  62. I would buy a Purple Rain Little Bundle.

  63. wild child or delcious diaper!

  64. St. Lucia diaper and maybe some wipes? :)

  65. I would buy a swim diaper

  66. Wild Child Little Bundle

  67. I’d buy the wild child.

  68. I would buy a starter pack! What better way to get to know a product than having everything you nee din one convenient pack!?!?

  69. envelope cover.

  70. I’d get a Size 2 Envelope Cover and some inserts from Applecheeks.

  71. size 1 Delicious or a Samoan Sunset swim diaper!

  72. A little bundle in Wild Child.

  73. buy an envelope

  74. I would buy purple rain!!

  75. A little bundle in cherry tomato

  76. I would buy a little bundle in wild child!!

  77. AppleCheeks – LEMON ZEST

  78. AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cover

  79. I would get a little bundle in the dark chocolate color – and maybe some nursing pads, too.

  80. Um, I’d buy an AppleCheeks diaper, of course! In Lemon Zest.

  81. I like the pre-packaged starter kit – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  82. I would get an AppleCheeks cover in size 2 in Cherry Tomato.

  83. Lemon Zest diapers and maybe reusable wipes.

  84. Delicious Diaper…too cute!

  85. the 2 size envelop cove with the apple print

  86. I would get the DELICIOUS Little Bundle, Microterry

  87. i would buy a little bundle in wild child.

  88. I’d get a little bundle in st. lucia

  89. AppleCheeks Storage Sacs and the swim diapers!

  90. i would love to get the AppleCheeks Rayon from Bamboo Wipes!

  91. I would like to get one of their starter kits.

  92. A size one envelope cover in Delicious print

  93. The size 2 wild child diaper

  94. I’d love a Little Bundle in Wild Child, or maybe a swim diaper in Siesta Key.

  95. Swim diapers and disposable liners

  96. I would buy a Purple Rain Size 2 Little Bundle!

  97. delicious diaper

  98. I would buy some AppleCheeks Stay-Dry Rayon from Bamboo Boosters

  99. swim diapers :)

  100. swim diaper

  101. washable nursing pads and a swim diaper

  102. I would put it towards a Cherry Tomato lil bundle

  103. The delicious and the wild child are both really cute.

  104. little bundle in storm

  105. I would put it toward a starter kit

  106. st. lucia size 2 with a bamboo insert

  107. I’d love to get some ac diapers Iv never tried these!! Ty for this giveaway

  108. swim diaper for summer :)

  109. I would buy the envelope diaper in wild child print.

  110. Swim diaper!

  111. I would get Applecheeks cover with bamboo insert in Sz 2 Wild Child! :-)

  112. I’d buy AppleCheeks – Wild Child! diaper.

  113. I’d get a swim diaper.

  114. Bamboo boosters!

  115. A Bamboo Wild Child Little Bundle.

  116. Swim diapers.

  117. The wild child diaper….so cute.

  118. I would get an envelop cover in Size 1 and some flushable liners!

  119. I would put it towards a starter pack, as I have never used applecheeks before!

  120. I’d love to try their swim diaper.

  121. Swim Diaper

  122. Some apple cheeks diapers!

  123. I’d buy a little bundle- maybe in St. Lucia.

  124. I’d get a swim diaper!

  125. I’d like to try Applecheeks bamboo inserts

  126. I would get an envelope cover and bamboo booster

  127. I would get a size 1 little bundle in the delicious print!

  128. I would buy a St Lucia size 2 and maybe an insert

  129. Cherry Tomato pocket cover!

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