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“Air Force One Rescue” #IronMan3

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IRON MAN 3 releases in theaters on May 3rd!

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  1. laurie damrose says:

    Can’t wait to take my kids!

  2. Steven Mixon says:

    Haven’t caught it yet, but trailers look good.

  3. Amy Green says:

    My brother and mom already got tickets-so jealous! The first one is among my all-time favorite films.It’s amazing that Peter Billingsley (‘Ralphie’ from the film, “A Christmas Story”) was one of the executive producers.

  4. Didn’t see the first two, won’t see the next one. Not my cup of tea.

  5. marissa lee says:

    I can not wait to go with my brother to see this movie he so love iron man..

  6. Jennifer Hall says:

    This looks like an awesome movie

  7. I can’t wait to see this!!!

  8. Paula V says:

    Seems this movie is very popular. It’s all over the net. :-)

  9. Taryn Pasco says:

    My husband and I can’t wait to see this movie!!! We love all the Iron Man movies!

  10. They are really hyping up this movie. A bit too much.

  11. Patricia Zyska-Pickett says:

    I was told this movie is really good so we’re probably going to see it in the theatre. I saw the previous one and liked it a lot! Thanks for posting!

  12. Patricia Zyska-Pickett says:

    I had to come back and post another comment on this one. I finally got to see this movie with my husband – on Mother’s Day! I was not disappointed! It was a very exciting movie – full of explosions, and it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Lots of fun! I would recommend it to everyone :)

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