Test Your Skills! #wreckitralph


In celebration of today’s release of Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-ray Combo Pack, are you and your family ready to test your bad guy skills? First check out the behind the scenes clips straight from Bad-Anon meetings to get inside the bad guys’ heads. Then flex your memory muscles in the character quote match-up! Now that you’ve proven yourself, get creative and design your very own bad guy! Feeling like a winner? Check out the Ultimate Wreck-It Ralph Quiz below!

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  1. candess phillips says

    Our local school is hosting a movie nite this Friday and it is going to be wreck it Ralph! Your quick review and link to play and see some scenes was great fun. Now I know our four year old can come too and he is really ready to see the show now that he’s seen these shots. My eleven year old won’t be as impressed but I’m liking keeping that money for the babysitter in my pocket!

  2. Maria Iemma says

    This is a cute movie and I love that they are making more family friendly films. I like to let the kids feel the movie experience but I like to review before paying ticket prizes. Thanks,

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