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Positive Pre-school Teaching with Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up (now available on DVD)

Get Swept Up In All-New Barney Fun!

Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up

Available now on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Who says being tidu can’t be fun? Let preschool favorite Barney show cleaning up is enjoyable when everybody works together in Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up. This release is accompanied by 19 fun songs including everyone’s favorite “Clean Up, Clean Up” song and an all-new game, “Clean Up Time,” found only on DVD! Barney and his friends prove that kids can have a great time being cleaning machines!

Trusted by moms and adored by children, Barney displays sharing, caring, imagining, dancing and learning on television and online and through live events, home entertainment, toys and publishing. The Emmy award-winning series, Barney & Friends is one of the top-rated preschool shows today, airing on PBS KIDS and Sprout.


Barney shows how to make cleaning fun; from painting the caboose, to washing windows , to putting away toys! See Riff learn new tricks when his litterbot leaves him a heap of a mess. All the friends help BJ out of a big spill, and they work together to host a fancy tea party. Everything’s better with friends, and when teamwork helps with clean-work, the world sparkles and shines!

Episodes include:

  • “Litterbot”
  • “All Aboard!”
  • “The Nature of Things”

DVD Bonus Features

  • “Clean Up Time” Game
  • Clean Up, Do Our Share” Music Video
  • “Clean Up, Clean Up” Karaoke Song



What the Momma thinks…..

As my little guy is getting ready to turn two in a week, I start thinking about teaching early responsibility. One of the things I find very important is to teach my children to clean up after themselves at an early age and continue to do so throughout their lives. Now when I think about the ways I have managed to achieve this, one of the first images (and sounds) that pop into my head is the “Clean Up, Clean Up” song. I have been singing this with my children for years and found it to be one of the most effective methods of making picking up fun.

Now since my 23 month old is still new at the clean up game, I was happy to share Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up with him. In fact he loved the film, dancing and giggling around with the other children. The biggest plus was seeing how watching the episodes made a positive impact on what he does at home. Now he is happy to assist in cleaning up his toys and blocks when he hears the clean up words begin. Of course I still have to sing along and dance and play along as well, but to be honest, I really do not mind at all.

Barney has been a part of all three of my older children’s lives and I am happy to see that he is still loved by my soon to be toddler. I know this is just the beginning of years to come in lessons learned from a few moments of positive teaching tv.

BUY IT: Purchase Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up on DVD from Amazon or in stores where movies are sold.


From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up on DVD!

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Honibe Honey Lozenges are Naturally Soothing


Spring for us is just the beginning of a new cold season. With three children in elementary school it is rare that we make it a full month without something coming home with one of them. Being that it happens often and most of the time it is a simple cold that will be over soon; I try to treat it with as little as possible and as naturally as possible. Recently I found another successful way of doing so, Honibe Honey Lozenges.

Honibe™ Honey Lozenges™ are made from 100% pure dried honey from Prince Edward Island. They are available in four flavors: Pure Honey, Honey with Lemon, Honey with Menthol and Eucalyptus, and Honey with Lemon, Menthol and Eucalyptus. Honibe™ – Honey Lozenges™ can be purchased in packages of 10 or 20 pieces. Honibe™ – Honey Lozenges™ are conveniently sized for easy transport in pockets, cars, briefcases or purses.

I found that both myself and my children were happy in using the Honibe Honey Lozenges. They tasted like honey and had the texture of a hard candy. Ideal to place in the mouth and suck on for a good long time. They work well for minor coughs and exceptionally well for when I experience itchiness in my throat normally caused by allergies. I love that there is no coated feeling when and after use. To be it is like having a cup of honey tea and works just as well to with the added benefit of being able to take them along where ever I go!

BUY IT: Honibe™ – Honey Lozenges™ will be available across North America everywhere that natural upper respiratory therapy products are sold and from http://www.honibe.com.


Honibe is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 a Honey Lozenges Prize Package!

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“What’s for dinner?” Hamburger Helper NEW Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and Cheesy Italian Beef

When you hear that daily question of “What’s for dinner?,” have no fear! For 40 years, Hamburger Helper® has helped to make family dinner time easy, and now with two new delicious varieties, Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and Cheesy Italian Beef, Hamburger Helper offers even more options for easy family style cuisine. With naturally- flavored mixes and rich, tasty sauces, Hamburger Helper makes a meal your family will be happy to gather around. Be among the first to try these two new, quick and easy dinner options with the ones you love. Because after all, who couldn’t use a little help in the kitchen?

  • NEW Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff provides rich roast beef flavor and pasta with a decadent sour cream flavored sauce mix
  • NEW Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Beef features real Italian herbs and pasta enhanced with naturally flavored Italian-style sauce mix Just add milk, water and ground beef
  • In addition, visit to download a printable coupon for $0.70 off the purchase of one box of Hamburger Helper!

What the Momma thinks…..

Between my work as a writer and caring for our family of six, there are times when making a big dinner is just out of the question. Either I just forget to plan something or sometimes overly tired from the events of the day. When this happens we often reach for Hamburger Helper. It is a quick, easy meal to put together. Generally it takes less than 30 minutes from start to serve. Our favorites include the new Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and the classic Cheeseburger Macaroni. Pair one of these with a side salad and dinner rolls and we are ready to chow down.

In addition to keeping Hamburger Helper around for my family, I have memories of this meal from childhood. It was one of the first things I learned to make as a pre-teen and one of the most popular meals throughout college (besides pizza). Each of the Hamburger Helper creations I have tasted all have the same creamy texture, mild yet deliciously, gooey favors and are hot which is ideal for a nighttime meal. I hope to see new and improved recipes in the future as I am sure we will always have a box in the food pantry.


MyBlogSpark and Hamburger Helper is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 a delicious, quick dinner meal prize package including: a Box of Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff, a Box of Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Beef, serving dish, slotted spoon and trivet!

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Star Wars, Big G Cereal #MyBlogSpark Giveaway

What’s better than watching the epic first episode of the Star Wars Saga? Watching it in 3D with your fellow Jedis, of course! From the thrilling Podraces to the final lightsaber battle, you can enjoy Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace like you never have before. General Mills Big G cereals want to help celebrate the 3D launch by featuring collectable Star Wars pens in-pack of participating cereals.

  • Collect all eight exclusive Star Wars pens that feature iconic Episode I characters including: Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala, Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Jar Jar Binks and Darth Maul
  • Participating Big G cereals include Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (12.8 oz.), Lucky Charms®(11.5 oz.), Reese’s® Puffs (13 oz.), Cheerios® (14 oz.), and Cookie Crisp® (11.25 oz)
  • In theaters February 10, 2012 you can catch all the action and adventure and relive how the saga began in eye-popping 3D

You won’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to bring the force to your breakfast table. Simply purchase any participating Big G cereal and begin your search for all eight collectable pens! Each Big G cereal is made with whole grain and is an excellent source of calcium, so your younglings will have everything they need to start the day off right!

What the momma thinks…..

Let me tell you what is better than Star Wars in 3D – Cinnamon Toast Crunch! This is the third time in the last few months I have professed my love for this crunchy, tasty goodness. Okay, I am a Star Wars fan too. Thus we own at least 2 of each pen at this point. They are the ideal size for storing in a small basket in the kitchen for quick use.

Big G play a big part in our breakfast routine. In fact at least half of those morning meals are spent having a bowl of one of their cereals. We know that in each box, we get a quality product that well my entire family enjoys. It is a fast breakfast that lasts them till lunch and is less stress since they all agree.


MyBlogSpark and Big G is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader a Star Wars Cereal Prize Package including: 2 Boxes of Big G cereal, 4 Star Wars character pens, Star Wars sticker sheet and Star Wars magnets!

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Victorious: The Complete Second Season Review


2-Disc DVD Available Exclusively at Target on March 18, 2012

Tori Vega and the students at Hollywood Arts High School shine even brighter in Victorious: The Complete Second Season.  This set includes all 12 episodes from the second season of Nickelodeon’s hit live-action series Victorious.  Adventures include the gang re-auditioning for their spots at Hollywood Arts, getting ready for prom, a Ke$ha concert and driving a giant cupcake through the streets.  Plus, there’s more music, drama and hilarious behind-the-scenes bloopers included on the DVD! 

Victorious is created and executive-produced by Dan Schneider, who also created other Nickelodeon hits like iCarlyDrake & JoshZoey 101The Amanda Show and Kenan and Kel.  The show follows teenager Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) who attends the prestigious performing arts high school, Hollywood Arts.  From her first day at the school, however, Tori feels out of place among the amazingly talented students, especially mean diva Jade (Elizabeth Gillies, Broadway’s 13).  But with the help of her older sister Trina (Daniella Monet, A Fairly Odd MovieNancy Drew) and new friends including the musically gifted Andre (Leon Thomas III, August Rush, Broadway’s The Lion King,iCarly), brooding bad boy Beck (Avan Jogia, Spectacular!), eccentric Cat (Ariana Grande, Broadway’s 13) and lovable but psychologically scrambled ventriloquist Robbie (Matthew Bennett).  Tori realizes that she was born to perform and that entertaining people not only makes her happy but may change her life.  The series, a co-production with Sony Music, features original songs performed by Justice and the ensemble cast.  Since its launch in April 2010, Victorious has been the number-one program in its timeslot on all TV with kids 6-11, tweens 9-14, and teens 12-17, reaching 23.0 million kids, 15.3 million tweens, and 12.3 million teens each quarter.

Victorious: The Complete Second Season Episode Synopses:

Disc 1:
Beck Falls For Tori
After exaggerating on her resume, Tori lands a job as a stunt double.  Her stunt? To fall off a building!

Helen Back Again
When Principal Eikner leaves Hollywood Arts, the school hires a new principal who makes all the students re-audition in order to keep their spots.

Locked Up! (Parts 1 & 2)
Tori scores a free trip to Yerba for everyone, but the vacation goes from bad to worse when the gang ends up in prison.

Tori Gets Stuck
Jade wants Tori’s starring role in the school play. Meanwhile, Robbie gets rushed to the hospital. Is this another one of Jade’s schemes?

Tori Tortures Teacher
The kids take Sikowitz to the theater to celebrate his ten-year teaching anniversary, but something happens that sends Sikowitz into a deep depression.

Jade Gets Crushed
Andre spends time with Jade working on a song and ends up crushing on her!

Disc 2:
Who Did It To Trina?
A big accident on the opening night of Tori’s directional debut sends Lane on a mission to find out what really happened.

Beggin’ On Your Knees
The cutest boy in school wants to perform a duet with Tori, but she finds out some shocking info about him.  Is Tori having trust issues or is this guy bad news?

Ice Cream for Ke$ha
Tori has to be Trina’s assistant for a month, and the only way she can get out of it is by winning a private Ke$ha concert.

Prom Wrecker
Tori rallies the gang to have a prom at Hollywood Arts, but the event ruins Jade’s art project and now she’s out for revenge.

Terror on Cupcake Street
While driving their giant cupcake float to the “Parade Parade,” the gang gets a flat tire in the middle of a bad neighborhood! Help, anyone?

Christopher Cane, the actor who plays Rex, hosts an in-depth look into the stars of Victorious, and their hilarious bloopers and outtakes.

Victorious: The Complete Second Season Fast Facts:
Street Date: March 18, 2012
Catalogue: 7910988
DVD SRP: $19.99
DVD Running Time: 312 Minutes
Special Features:
          ·  Seven Secrets With Victoria Justice
          ·  Behind the Scenes of “Locked Up!”



I admit that Victorious is one of those shows that I enjoy watching with my girls. Tora Vega (and friends) are laugh out loud funny. Each episode finds the characters in unbelievable, humorous situation. Even better though is how they work it out. Judgement free and morally conscious young teens with an amazing knack for making the best of every situation is a winner for TV entertainment for me.

Victorious has become increasingly popular over the last year. The Complete Second Season DVD is five hours long and contains 12 episodes. This is perfect for Spring Break and Summer travels. The season is split up over two discs (6 episodes each). My daughters love this show and they are almost 7 and 8, but I can imagine this would be a great buy for even up into the pre-teen years.

BUY IT: Purchase Victorious The Complete Second Season on DVD from Amazon.com and in stores where movies are sold.

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