What’s Really in Your Baby’s Food?

By: Andy Dahlen

As consumers we put our trust in the packaging we buy off grocery store shelves, but how often do we turn over the package to scan the ingredient list and find ingredients we don’t recognize? Front labels can be misleading especially when it comes to the foods we’re feeding our babies and children.

At Beech-Nut we believe in the transparency of our foods. That’s why we became the first baby food company in the U.S. to reveal the percentage of each ingredient used in our foods on our website in May.

 BN_GMA_Transparency_0002_pom (3)

Parents want the best nutritious, wholesome food for their babies. They want to know that the ingredients listed on the front of the package are represented among the top ingredients in the jar or pouch of baby food. Many families are making homemade baby food because they don’t believe store bought baby food is good for their babies. We know parents’ busy schedules often don’t allow for the time it takes to make homemade baby food, which is why we offer a solution that’s as close to homemade as possible. Parents deserve to know exactly what they’re feeding their babies and we’re here to tell them.

Nutrition early on in a baby’s life is important for their growth. Babies need a well-rounded diet of fruits and vegetables. Providing the best nutrition for babies is our mission. It’s why we constantly re-evaluate our foods and work directly with real moms making baby food at home. It’s why we have invested in a new preparation method for our 100% naturals and organic lines. We know it’s important to maintain the integrity of the fruits, vegetables and grains we use, and when we say just apple, raspberry and avocado on our organic jars we mean it. You can taste all three ingredients, from the tartness of the raspberries to the creaminess of the avocado.

Our foods and labels speak for themselves. Rotate the jar and take a look at the ingredients we use. What you see is what you get. The clear jar design is no mistake. We want parents to see the great color and texture that is a result of our simple preparation.

We’ve listed the percentage of each ingredient for all of our products, even the ones that don’t meet our long-term vision for the brand. We have nothing to hide and we’re sharing our recipes even as we continue to improve them.

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